About thowby ثــوبــي

thowby ثــوبــي  ABAYA Boutique is a signature abaya company based in the city of Dubai. Our showcase of classic abayas reflects Dubai’s unique mingling of traditional customs and modern trends. Keeping up with this city’s distinctive fast-pace, our designs are constantly updated to reflect the current fashions. We pride ourselves in offering you creatively designed abayas that represent an artistic fusing of traditional and contemporary apparel.

With our thowby ثــوبــي  ABAYA Boutique, we aim to provide you with a new shopping experience. Our platform is designed with your ease in mind and to help you find the exact abaya that fits your needs. Within our assorted collections, you will find a variety of styles to meet your every mood and occasion. So, whether you are looking for the perfect abaya for that special event, business meeting, or casual outing, our Online ABAYA Boutique provides a wide range of abayas to choose from. 

Our Inspiration

Here at thowby ثــوبــي  the essence of our soul is the Gulf itself, perfect in its own distinct culture and ultramodern allure. The refined class and beauty of our abayas stem from this inspiration. Our designs are inspired by our own roots in the Arabian Gulf, and we strive to enrich every abaya with the blended threads of our cultural heritage and the beauty of contemporary styles.

Our Values

Respect is fundamental in the thowby ثــوبــي  family, and this is strongly reflected in our values.

One of our highest values is you, our clients. We respect your individual tastes and needs, and we are committed to meeting your expectations by providing personalized first-class service, offering high quality, stylish abayas, and making the purchase of your abaya an unforgettable experience.

Our respect and admiration for culture, country, and traditions have a strong influence on our abayas. It guides our creative designing as we seek to weave the nuances of today’s fashion trends with one of the region’s most traditional garments.

We have a deep regard for the essence of our brand. Our integrity is based in excellent service and high quality abayas. As such, we are continuously using innovative ways to bring beauty to our designs and to achieve the level of perfection associated with our name. We will always treat you with dignity and do our best to ensure that you are pleased with every abaya you purchase from thowby ثــوبــي.

Our Goals
Here at thowby ثــوبــي ABAYA Boutique, our goal is become a leading international abaya company that caters globally to all destinations in the world and to offer  offering class and elegance traditional abaya apparel. We envision our thowby ثــوبــي clients as confident and empowered women modestly robed in feminine splendor. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to offering a wide range of exquisitely-made abayas for every occasion and to fit a variety of tastes. We invite you to browse our collections and discover the classic beauty and simple elegance of our thowby ثــوبــي abayas!