عندما تخططين للذهاب للعمرة 
 فإن آخر ما ترغبين القلق بشأنه هو ما إذا كان لديك العباءة المناسبة لارتدائها. لقد صممنا عبايات العمرة بكل بساطة لتتمكني من اداء مناسك العمرة


For your visit to the Haram in Mecca…

When you are planning to go for umrah, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have the right abaya to wear. We have taken care of the details for you with our Umrah abayas. These abayas are designed with special attention given to simplistic, practical styling, so that when you are making tawaf around the ka’bah, you will be comfortable and free to focus on your ibadah.

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