The Power of Pink Abayas: Finding the Barbie in Yourself

thowby ثـوبـي

Posted on July 30 2023

barbie abaya by thowby


There’s a Barbie in all of us. It’s time to let her shine! 

The world is painted pink right now in celebration of American director Greta Gerwig’s latest feature. The new Barbie film is an ode to womanhood, a dedication to each of our unique identities, a reminder of the many layers of femininity. It’s about so much… so much of what forms the very essence of thowby. It’s an empowering narrative that we have been honoring from the day we began writing our chapter. 

PINK. It’s a color so many of us enjoy. So many of us relate to. So many of us identify with. In February this year, long before the frenzy of Barbie took over the planet, thowby took the lead with a pioneering launch of an all-new set of pink-colored abayas. We wanted to offer as many shades of pink as we could to suit the likings of every woman; some like the bold fuschia while the others like the subtle hint of pink and our collection set out to do exactly that, a celebration of femininity with uniqueness. The addition of more pink pieces to our vibrantly colored abaya collection was a delight for not just us, but our clients, too. We understand that just like us, our customers are always on the lookout for new abaya designs that are an expression of their individuality and grace.   

Our Barbie Pink Abaya and Barbie Fuschia Abaya in luxurious silk became instant hits upon launch among our loyal clientele, as well as new buyers seeking modern trendy abaya designs in timeless shades. That the release of the Barbie film aligned beautifully with our pink moodboard only added to the magic we at thowby try to make every day. 

In this universal journey of women trying to find and express the best of their true selves, thowby has committed itself to a core belief: classic traditions, modern identities. Each new creation honors this essence, which lies at the very heart of thowby. So while our Barbie abayas reflect the personality of a modern woman, their foundation prizes traditional cultural heritage. Not just the Barbie abayas, each piece from each of our various collections draws from the source abaya I designed from which thowby was born. The original masterpiece, so to speak. 




Into that first thowby abaya was weaved the spirit that would come to define our brand. Our honest faith in the layered identity of a woman who accommodates modernity and tradition harmoniously in her life is what keeps us going. It’s what keeps us exploring: designs, colors, fabrics, styles, everything.          


With each fresh collection we introduce at thowby, we strive to value variety and diversity. Our all-new silk collection, which comprises a multitude of stylish designs (including the Barbie abayas), cuts across barriers of age, nationality, faith, race, and creed to cater to a wide audience of women wanting to pursue the joy of dressing up in fineries that elevate their distinct elegance. 


Our values are mirrored in our journey as a brand. Through the six years that we have been dressing women in abayas they enjoy and deserve, we have preserved the part of our identity that rests on our traditional belief systems contained in the ideals of modest fashion. New abayas may explore new flavors of the classic abaya — from embellished sleeve designs to bold colors like fuschia, for instance. Or we may make modern upgradations to our online abaya store to make your experience of shopping for abayas online in Dubai and elsewhere seamless. But at the end of the day, our essence of a new-old blend doesn’t change. Our quality doesn’t, too. 


Every abaya dress retains our trademark premium quality, with perfect stitching and bespoke size customizations to give you — our client, our top priority — a happy online abaya shopping experience each time. What’s more, we also add matching shaylas in our abaya packages to give you the complete look, all in one place. Our process to ensure client satisfaction is thorough and consistent, right from the first moment of welcoming you to choose from our collections to the day you receive your package — and are 100% content with it. 


Womanhood is never a singular, linear experience. It’s a beautiful, worldwide weave of highs and lows through which we walk together, hand-in-hand, breaking stereotypes. The modern woman is no longer playing to the tunes of what society demands from her. She is carving her own path with confidence. She is redefining what it means to be a Barbie. 


Our goal at thowby is to promote and encourage women to embrace their inner Barbies, ie, the best versions of themselves — with inclusive abayas created and curated specially for you, wherever you may be in the world. In living life on our own terms, us women are bound across borders in our audacious ventures of womanhood laced together with equal amounts of grace, courage, and character.


The time is now to reclaim the fashion standards women have been urged to follow for so long and turn them around to the tunes of our personal comforts, styles, and expressions. Come, find your own fashion at thowby.  

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