Color Your Wardrobe: A Look At Thowby’s New Abaya Palette

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Posted on August 26 2023

Two women wearing thowby abaya


Ever wondered what makes abayas so special? This classic garment is a go-to for women across the world – regardless of what faith they follow, where they live, what jobs they work at, and which nationality they belong to. Surely, there is a reason why this modest dress finds so many takers, despite our differences in choice. The answer lies in its versatility. 

From new abaya designs to timeless favorites, from summery materials to thick winter fabrics, from colors to embellishments that suit every taste — abayas have a special quality to live up to every expectation that is rarely found in any other genre of fashion.  

turkey abaya

Turkey Abaya

The wearing of an abaya is tied deeply to the experience of womanhood. Each stitch of the garment is a testimony of and tribute to the grace, elegance, and sophistication of the woman whose form it will adorn. An abaya, in itself, is the very embodiment of empowered femininity. And at thowby, every day brings new commitment to strengthen that vision.   

Our fresh collection of colored abayas honors the freedom of choice that is a fundamental right of every woman. The right to dress up on her own terms. The right to go as bright or as dark. The right to personalize fashion that brings out her personality. The right to embrace her confidence. 

Jenan abaya

Jenan Abaya

With nearly a hundred options to choose from, thowby’s colored abaya collection puts up a magnificent display that covers a wide spectrum of shades. From vivid blues to rich reds and soft pastels, this assortment is truly one-of-its-kind. And we say that not just because of the stunning variety it offers, but also for how it was curated with the goal to challenge stereotypes associated with abayas at large. 


When people think of abayas, the mind tends to drift towards a darker color palette. Blacks, navy blues, deep greens. All of these are beloved classics, no doubt, and the preferred choice for a large population of abaya-wearing women. But who says the palette can’t be expanded to include the vivid experimental colors that women enjoy? 

Abayas are traditional outfits but for the modern wearer today, they are also tools to express their confidence, their independence, and their individuality. To incorporate the shades and designs that women enjoy into our thowby collection, we made it a point to consciously diversify our colored abaya offering so our client can have fun with fashion. 

Valentine Abaya

Valentine Abaya

Take a look at our Valentine Abaya, for instance. It’s a resplendent red number created with high-quality crepe that gives the wearer optimum comfort and breathability. The abaya has a classic cascade that perfectly complements its vivid, passionate color. Meanwhile, for customers seeking a deeper shade in the same color family, the Oman Abaya can be an ideal choice. With its rich maroon hue and a regal finish, it communicates sophistication of the highest order. We mean it when we say that all the colored abayas in dubai you need are right here at thowby.

With abayas, the scope of experimentation is wide. Prints, patterns, embroideries, — there is so much that can be customized and tried out. What is most reassuring though is that a classic, single-toned abaya will always be there on the days you want to make a statement without leaving any room for doubt. And different days call for different statements! 

Oman Abaya

Oman Abaya

The color theory – which is central to the art and fashion world – suggests that the colors we wear have a way of communicating and creating impressions. Each color contains a different quality that makes it appealing, the power of which one can tap into on the occasion that calls for it. With thowby’s new collection, comprising modern trendy abaya designs across shades, women will find the combined delight of colors and trends at their fingertips. 

That’s not all. To make online abaya shopping easier for our valued clientele, thowby provides the option to buy colored abaya sets that include an abaya, a co-ordinated shayla and an under-abaya dress. We always say our clients are our priority – and we are ready to go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and satisfaction when you shop with us. Buy abayas online at thowby without the stress of finding and separately purchasing matching accessories. Our abaya sets come as a complete, ready look that you’ll love and cherish.        

Few fashions have endured the test of time as abayas have. They have existed in association to old traditions for ages and in the modern world, their horizons are expanding. Without losing respect for the heritage that defines them, abayas are evolving to include respect for the contemporary woman’s choices and her individual personality. 

We are proud to say that thowby is at the forefront of this empowering movement of celebrating women. Celebrating YOU. So come join us. And if you don’t know where to start, we suggest: start with your favorite color.

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