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Posted on July 25 2023

golden Silk abaya range by thowby


The process of dressing women up in fineries that personify elegance and beauty is what gives us pleasure every single day at thowby. More so, on special occasions like Eid, weddings, and milestone gatherings. The calendar keeps flashing notifications of such glorious dates and builds excitement for the day. This time around, thowby worked with a goal to make every occasion far more special than usual.

In due preparation, we introduced an all-new collection of silk abayas. Our endeavor to make women look and feel their best was amplified ahead in time as we have half the year yet to mark its presence. We truly believe in the pure, real joy of dressing up. And there’s really no way to maximize beauty on any such special day than by dressing up in abayas that incorporates all that characterizes you and your personality: tradition, charm, elegance, simplicity.

With that in mind, we conceptualized our new silk abayas collection comprising an exclusive 23 pieces – each of which embodies a different style and character for women to choose from. Though the collection lays out a stunning variety, at the core of each silk abaya lies the same thowby essence: of premium quality, of rich sophistication, and of feminine grace.

Since the time thowby came into being, we held on tight to one priority: client happiness that goes beyond satisfaction. With every abaya package delivered, we ensure that the client experiences maximum delight in unwrapping, wearing, and enjoying their new abaya. The quality of the cloth, richness of the garment, and the finish of the product is such that the woman who wears a thowby abaya takes pleasure in the experience of modest fashion that never compromises on style.


Our silk abaya collection exhibits a vivid range of colors and modern designs to suit the taste of all kinds of clients, from those seeking out classic styles to those looking for contemporary patterns. Consider our luxurious Lauren Abaya: a simple, sophisticated classic look that blends the best of tradition and smart dressing in a rich deep purple hue that is sure to make heads turn. Pieces like the Amira Abaya present a trendy rendition of the traditional abaya, with tie-up designs and ornate embellishments around the neckline and sleeves to cater to the wardrobe choices of the modern, modest woman. Each gown from this collection is consistent in the kind of perfect stitching, sheen, and polish one expects from a silk abaya.

With us, you never have to worry about how abaya sizes work. From the moment you get in touch with thowby with the desire of adding a new abaya to your wardrobe, we get to work on customizations specially designed for you. At every step of your garment lovingly and carefully being produced at our workshop, we remain in touch with you to take your valuable suggestions into consideration. Post-delivery too, communication doesn’t cease until the client achieves the 100% happiness we guarantee them. Our core values of client care span the breadth of our offering, whether it’s our beloved classic women’s abayas collection or our huge variety of occasional abayas.

Rid yourself of the pressure of choosing the perfect shayla to go with your traditional gown. thowby completes the look for you with a co-ordinated selection that is bound to satisfy you — we promise! With thowby, you can now buy abayas online with their accompanying accessories and add-ons all in one place. We make shopping easier — and we have the testimonies to show for it.

Eid 2023 was a success for thowby, with women absolutely loving our new silk abaya collection. A huge number of clients — many regulars, many new —- reached out to us to restock their wardrobes with luxurious silk abayas that fit the opulence of the occasion. We were delighted to be chosen as a part of your Eid festivities and serving you made our own celebrations a thousand times happier. We are looking forward to drape you with elegance in all the festivities yet to come.

The joy of finding your perfect abaya is unparalleled. No one knows this better than thowby. Every single day, we commit ourselves to conceptualizing new ideas that hope to make pathbreaking strides in the industry of modest fashion. With every abaya collection, we seek to introduce pieces that will reach out to women from all walks of life who want to feel more elegant, more confident, more like themselves.

Be it dressing for a regular day or for a festival – heritage, modernity, and inclusivity converge in a thowby abaya. It’s what women love the most about us. It’s what keeps us going from milestone to milestone.

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