KAFTANS & JALABIYAS COLLECTION مجموعة القفطان و الجلابية

مجموعة القفطان و الجلابية مصممة خصيصًا لكي تتميزي بارتداء آخر صيحاتنا 

 ستتيح لك هذه التصاميم التنوع في ارتداء القفطان والجلابية وأن تبدي اكثر اناقة بطريقة كلاسيكية

Kaftans & Jalabiyas collection is especially made for you to show you our latest trends in this collection. The designs of this collection will make you look stylish and feminine in a classy way.

Abayas, which are typically traditional wear, are now worn in several trendy ways. Thowby is one of the best abaya shops in Dubai where you can find a variety of cuts, patterns, designs and colours. They come embroidered, stylish and sober. Women who enjoy fashion but prefer modest clothing can find cheap Dubai abayas online at Thowby’s dubai abaya online worldwide shipping offers a range of discounts during festive occasions. You can some of the best and cheap abayas for sale in Dubai. You can also shop for locally styled cheap abaya dress at

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