thowby’s Triumph Treasures: Big Little Successes That Keep Us Going

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Posted on February 29 2024

thowby’s Triumph Treasures: Big Little Successes That Keep Us Going


I started thowby over 6 years ago. Every now and then, I assess this journey I have been on and ask myself: What is the most precious treasure I have collected along the way? Memories of business milestones, media recognitions, abaya launches rush through my head. And while all these features have been essential to thowby’s growth, the answer I land on is something else. It is always the same. The connections I have built with you. 

At thowby, the client is royalty. I have said this before, but it never stops being relevant because our commitment to client care is always priority no. 1 — and has been since the day we started. Each abaya is meticulously crafted to align with your style, comfort, and happiness because you are at the heart of everything we do. 

Our premium client services cater to all with equal dedication. Whether you are a regular client or a newcomer only just discovering our offerings, expect nothing short of a premium abaya shopping experience tailored for you. From the moment you place an order with thowby to the post-delivery period, we are constantly available by your side, ensuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee for you. Even if that translates into going above and beyond our means. 


Story time: A client in the UK wanted to surprise his mother with a thowby abaya. He also enquired about naqabs. But since we currently do not have naqabs on our catalogue, he could only place an abaya order with us. We mean it when we say that we value human connections highly at thowby. So we separately shipped some extra fabric, that matched with the abaya and could be sewn into a naqab, to the UK. We bore the shipping charges but did not mind. We were happy to know that somewhere, a mother was smiling because of thowby. :)     

There are countless stories like this that have come to define the core essence of thowby. Friends and relatives have all come looking for gifts to buy their loved ones, to surprise them, to bring them joy. These are very tender moments to witness — and we could not be happier that people choose thowby to spread love.

There have been clients who wanted to surprise their better halves with abayas. When we receive such requests, we leave no stone unturned in making these thoughtful gestures count. A client once called us with this intention and we meticulously prepared a special gift-wrapped package with a personalized note that he later told us his wife loved. 

Another memorable instance was when a client placed an order containing multiple abayas and jalabiyas for his fiancée as a wedding gift. In fact, the moments I cherish greatly are when clients choose thowby to be a part of their weddings. So many women from across the world have sought us out for special wedding abayas that they wanted to wear either as guests to a ceremony or as brides. 

I remember creating an exquisite silk abaya for a to-be-bride who called from the UK. Though she was on another continent altogether, I made sure there were zero compromises on our collaboration, communication, and guidance. I was in constant touch with her throughout the production of her abaya — and it is safe to say it was a successful partnership. The client was satisfied and in the pictures of her wedding day she shared with us, she looked ethereal. Another beautiful creation was for a woman in Dubai, for whom we customized an abaya embellished with embroidery and crystals after continuous in-person meetings. Needless to say, she was the image of grace on her big day! 

Being made a part of the biggest, most important days in my clients’ lives is something that has become an integral and fulfilling part of running thowby for me. When you think of thowby to dress you on your wedding day, when you involve us in the celebrations, when you take the time to share pictures with us, when you make us a part of your happiness — there is no better payoff for having started this abaya brand that you can call your own. When you consider thowby your family – like we consider you ours – it gives me the feeling that I am doing something right. 

Even in the 200+ Google reviews that have helped in giving thowby a 4.9 rating, I find words of affirmation and encouragement that make an immense impact on me. Reading your positive feedback — detailing your shopping experience with thowby right from the very start to the moment you receive the end product — feels like reading a beautiful story. These are the best rewards for everything we do at thowby. Trust me when I say that you, dear client, are at the center of this abaya brand. 

A significant sign of thowby’s appeal in the apparel market is also the high demand we have created among corporates that are keen on showcasing our abayas in the UAE and abroad. We receive proposals frequently – all the way from Palestine, Libya, the UK, and beyond – from retail outlets looking for seller opportunities with thowby. 

Our large-scale public showcasing has also included other important milestones. The memory of our inaugural fashion show where we launched thowby with our first collection is still fresh in my memory as if it was yesterday. From then to now, when thowby has amassed global renown — and even notably been credited on shows like “Double Click” for dressing three actresses — it feels like we have come such a long way. And yet… it also feels like we have only just begun! 

These treasures I have collected along the way are victories I hold very close to my heart. They fill me with feelings of success that inspire me to keep pushing only onward and upward. To never stop. To do better than my best, for you — and I promise to! :)

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