My First Abaya: A Series By You, For You

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Posted on March 28 2024

My First Abaya: A Series By You, For You


The first feel of the fabric against your skin, the first time you stood before the mirror in your new abaya, the first reflections of what dressing modest meant to you: these are precious experiences that many women hold close. Because the first abaya is special. Much of what drives a woman’s love for abayas comes from that unforgettable impression that initial moment left on her. To chronicle the various beautiful emotions women recall from the very first time they slipped into an abaya, thowby is starting the My First Abaya series

What do you seek when you buy your first abaya? What motivated you to give modest fashion a try? How does your personal taste play into your dynamic with your new wardrobe essential? We are interested in hearing all this and more from you. At thowby, we maintain that the abaya isn’t merely an outfit, it is a lifestyle – one that is defined by pure finesse and optimum grace. And, with our series, we are seeking out how this lifestyle is now yours. 

When I launched thowby, one of the main goals I wanted to fulfil was to bring about a fresh perspective on modest fashion. The My First Abaya series takes this objective forward, sharing first-hand stories from abaya-wearing women in their own, honest voices. Our hope is to shine the spotlight on women living the beautiful experience of wearing abayas — their thoughts, their dreams, their feelings.  

Do you remember the first time you wore an abaya? Tell us what it was like at contactus@thowby.com


Stepping into the world of abayas can be a unique and enriching experience, especially for first timers. And we’re happy to say that thowby has had the honor of guiding many women through their journeys of creating and choosing their first abayas. 

We understand that, for many women, their first encounter with an abaya marks a significant moment. It’s a transition into a new realm of fashion and expression. So we take great care in ensuring that your first abaya experience is an extremely special one. 

Any client who comes to thowby is given premium treatment and step-by-step communication about the process involved in creating their abaya. This becomes all the more significant when it comes to a first timer who looks forward to our assistance in selecting colors, fabrics, and designs for their inaugural abaya. We want them to enjoy and remember this experience.  

We take great pride in being the brand that so many people choose for their first abayas and truly cherish the opportunity to work with them — to hear their stories, to know their preferences, to forge a meaningful connection between them and their first abaya. We have a treasure chest of such experiences: from creating customized abayas for women attending weddings or other formal occasions, to making simple, timeless pieces for clients wanting to incorporate abayas into their daily wardrobes. 

As a long-time abaya wearer, I can fully appreciate the significance of the first abaya. When I embarked on my abaya journey, I was on the lookout for a design that exuded traditional charm, timelessness, and simplicity — characteristics that define our roots in the Arabian Gulf. When thowby came into existence, I used my own first abaya as a reference for our maiden Signature Abaya and all future creations. Our catalogue caters to a variety of preferences and occasions but at the core of each abaya we create, are three vital words: simple, classic, elegant.  

Why abayas have emerged at the forefront of the modest fashion industry is because of their versatility to accommodate and include. Unlike several other passing fads, the ever eternal charm of the abaya is in its ability to honour and celebrate women of all backgrounds and cultures, across occasions. 

It’s not an exclusive garment; anyone and everyone can enjoy the elegant comfort an abaya offers. At thowby, we prioritize this wholeheartedly, besides our top-notch quality and superior client care services. Everything any woman wants from an abaya, we aim to fulfil. 

Through our endeavour, we are hoping to outline the tapestry of experiences that abayas invoke, in a bid to remind women across the globe that fashion is what they want it to be. Our My First Abaya campaign is for you and from you. We are excited to hear your story!

Reach out to us on +971 50 656 8711 or WhatsApp us and we will take it forward with you from there. 

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