Ramadan Special: A Limited Edition Jalabiya Collection, Just For You

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Posted on February 16 2024

Ramadan Special: A Limited Edition Jalabiya Collection, Just For You


Every year, as the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, you can feel the spirit of the UAE turning more divine and festive than usual. And like every year, preparations are on at full swing at thowby to make the most of this sacred occasion. 



We are overjoyed to announce the launch of our Limited Edition Jalabiya Collection created and curated exclusively for Ramadan ‘24. Elevate your Ramadan outfit shopping experience* with thowby’s special collection of jalabiyas, handpicked for every kind of gathering, style, and mood. Exclusively for you.  

In this month of fasting, feasting, and festivities, the feeling of oneness beats in every heart. The UAE becomes a beautiful meeting place for many global cultures to come together and celebrate this special occasion. This heartbeat of unity is the essence we have tried to capture in our Ramadan Jalabiya Collection.

Like our client-loved abayas, our jalabiyas are also created for custom versatility and inclusivity. Women across cultures, backgrounds, faiths, and nationalities in the UAE can feel one with the customs and celebrations of Ramadan with our made-for-all jalabiyas. 

The elegant jalabiya is women’s #1 choice of festive wear for Ramadan. So while thowby abayas are the most popular offering on our catalogue, our special jalabiya collection is perfect for women who want to shake up their wardrobe this festive season. 

*The limited edition Ramadan collection is exclusively available in offline stores across the UAE. 


Shopping for Ramadan outfits can feel like a daunting task — especially for women, who have to assemble an entire look from head-to-toe. With so many gatherings with, family, extended family, and friends on the calendar during Ramadan, women understandably want to look as exquisite as they feel. And how better to achieve that, than with a thowby ensemble?  

Our exclusive jalabiya collection is tailor-made for the festive atmosphere that the month of Ramadan radiates. From giving the wearer an embellished look perfect for celebrations with their loved ones, to ensuring maximum comfort through a loose-fitting form that does not restrict movement — our jalabiyas prioritize you.   

Jalabiyas are the flavor of the season during the month of Ramadan. Everyone wants them. Everyone wears them. And so, thowby has made them — for everyone. 

This limited collection, crafted just for Ramadan, has range and sophistication that will appeal to all those seeking modesty with a touch of modernity. Each jalabiya in this exclusive collection has thowby’s hallmark blend of tradition and novelty, perfect for the contemporary woman wanting to embrace her individuality while also embracing her community. 

All the pieces in thowby’s festive Ramadan jalabiyas are intricately embellished with crystals that will undeniably shine brighter with the confidence of all the women they adorn. From the variety in colors to the breathability of the chiffon fabrics, each aspect of our special Ramadan jalabiyas are customized to give our clients their best looks for the season. 

You can never go wrong with a jalabiya. This general rule applies to all jalabiyas — more so, to a thowby jalabiya. As our loyal clientele will testify, thowby gets it right, every time! :) 

The designs for our limited edition collection will complement all your Ramadan looks this season. Wear them with hijabs, accessories, or other customizations — style our made-to-order jalabiyas the special way you want. Simply or extravagantly, no matter how you dress your jalabiyas, one thing is for sure: you will stand apart at every Ramadan gathering in a thowby attire.  

As we embark on this journey of faith and reflection in 2024, thowby invites you to experience the beauty of our Ramadan jalabiya collection. Whether you seek traditional elegance or contemporary flair, our jalabiyas are designed to empower the sanctity and diversity that this occasion stands for. 

Find the best for yourself at thowby. Visit our stores to shop our Exclusive Ramadan Jalabiya Collection. 

*The limited edition Ramadan collection is exclusively available in offline stores across the UAE. 

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