Latest Abaya Designs

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Posted on September 02 2021

Latest Abaya Designs



Some of the latest abaya designs are always available in black. These are traditional, sophisticated and popular across not just the UAE but other Muslim countries as well. Some of these simply styled abayas are extremely comfortable and come embroidered in gold or white making them look classy.

As Muslim women have to cover their body appropriately, wearing the black abaya is the best choice. You can go abaya online shopping on Thowby to find some of the latest abaya styles. But there are other designs and colours available too that can enhance your look.

Some simple cuts and laces are seasonal trends that also have patches, and buttons along with embroidery giving the attire a rich edge. If you so wish, you could choose the multi-coloured abaya. Otherwise, the monotone new abaya design is always the favourite among both wearers and designers. To add long lasting beauty to your dressing, you can incorporate, beads, and belts with a matching hijab or scarf attached with brooches.

There are laced gown styled abayas as well, which are a trend that doesn’t just cover your body, but also accentuates your style. Get a beautiful Arabic look with these fancy laced embroidered latest abaya designs. You can have white doily laces adorn your ankles and add boldness with a chiffon overlay skirt for the best in elegance.

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