Trendy Fashionable Abayas Dubai

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Posted on June 16 2021

Trendy Fashionable Abayas Dubai



Modern women are always looking for modest fashionable abayas Dubai in a range of fancy designs. They especially want them to look trendy, elegant, and in colours, designs and patterns that are sophisticated. The abaya today is not the dark black piece of cloak garment. For most women, it is a contemporary statement-maker where they are always looking for fashion keeping in view the modest values that come along with it. As a fashionista, you can look for these Abaya Online Dubai on Thowby.

Dubai Style

Created with a traditional theme in mind, these designer abaya are sophisticated in style and come with the right kind of cuts to provide an edgy look. The flowing fabric, the flares and the stitch style take these abayas to the next level. There are also luxury abayas Dubai for modern women who prefer the Dubai-style abaya.

Front Knot or Kaftan Style

A popular luxury abayas Dubai style, the attire is famous among modern women. While strictly following the values of modest fashion, the kaftan style abaya is embellished with beads and embroidery lined on the cuffs and its borders. The neckline is V-shaped, and the top comes designed in a double-shirt style. A complementary hijab style is worn along with it.

Pastel shades and white coloured abayas

Apt when you want luxury abayas Dubai and party wear, flaunt the white/pastel and gold coloured abaya while making a personal style statement. While staying within the limits of modest fashion, these online abayas Dubai comes with touches of intricate gold embroidery on the belts, borders, and cuffs.

Denim Abayas

These button-down abayas are made out of the popular denim fabric and are stylish in their own way. It is also a great new way of wearing a traditional abaya with a twist.

Check out Thowby’s Abaya Online Dubai store for some of the trendiest attires.

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