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Posted on July 13 2021

Dubai abaya online



Get an extra touch of shine and sparkle into modest luxury abayas Dubai wardrobe as you incorporate embellishments into your clothing. Create your own personal style as you add a sprinkle of sophistication into your wardrobe. Thowby has a collection of fashionable abayas Dubai with embellishments that are trendy and effortlessly stylish.

Velvet Embellishments

Embellished and embroidered abayas are a class of their own. Keep them loose and lightweight and these serve as perfect day time wear in every weather. Whatever the occasion, you can wear this piece with embroidered and velvet detailing with extra rows of sparkle if you wish. Transform your simple abaya into an elegant piece of evening wear, thus bringing versatility into your wardrobe.

Tulle luxury online Abayas Dubai

Special occasions deserve a special outfit such as the Tulle abaya – an elegant piece of attire. The fabric is high-quality and can even have a satin trim on the lapels, cuffs and hem. Wear this open or closed with studs meant for fastening them across the centre. These are also hand-stitched embellishments on velvet creating opulent fits for all events and occasions

Gold laced Abaya

The abaya is a highly adaptable outfit and can be suitably worn both during the day and night. A gold embellishment with an open and fashionable lace studded with fasteners that can open or close the item is exquisite for occasions that fall during the night. Of course, tie it across with a belt and a matching hijab and you have a seamless piece of attire that blends into any occasion.

Get stylish embellished online abayas Dubai only at Thowby.

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