Best Fashionable Abayas Online

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Posted on July 21 2021

Best Fashionable Abayas Online



thowby.com brings you the best fashionable abayas Dubai online. Within a few minutes, you will have a range of abayas in various styles and colours that you can choose from for all seasons. Along with these trendy abayas, you must choose the right hijab colours that work for the summertime. You can look for materials such as linen or cotton that help absorb the sweat. During the hot summer season, you may want to avoid silk and satin fabrics that cause sweating. Besides, the excessive humidity can make them slip down and look unsightly. If you still want to go with silk and satin fabrics, then it is best to tie a cotton bandana or a cap underneath the hijab to prevent it from slipping off. Even chiffons will be a lot hotter during summer but the cotton hat or wrap should do the trick.

Fabrics that don’t make you sweat are cotton, linen, and jersey. You might want to avoid nylon and acrylics during summer.

Another aspect you should seriously consider is colour. The darker the colour, the more the heat. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose colours such as white, grey, beige or ivory that can help keep you cool.

Choose summer-friendly luxury abayas Dubai with recommended styles and fabrics only on Thowby.com. If you are someone who spends a lot of time out in the sun, then ensure you are wearing a brimmed hat. This will add another layer of protection to your head and keep you cooler. It is a misconception that it gets hotter. Try a maxi floral skirt type abaya with a fashionable white linen top to go along with it. This should be your hippest look this summer.

Additional Tips: • Avoid tight clothing • Wear natural, breathable fabrics • Don’t forget your sunglasses • Stay hydrated • Ease the heat with a hair updo

Make all your seasons pleasant with some of the best online abayas Dubai available on Thowby.com.

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