How to choose the best Hijab colour

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Posted on May 26 2021

How to choose the best Hijab colours online Dubai

It is easy for women to carry a Hijab, which bestows a sense of freedom and ease. The woman feels both beautiful and bold. Whether you wear simple eastern clothing, western wear, or fancy attire, the hijab can adorn any dress type. With the hijab, the woman can look both fashionable and humble.

But which colour should you use? You might end up looking odd if you choose the wrong colour or one that does not compliment your skin tone.

Choosing the best Hijab colour for you

Skin tones differ from person to person. Therefore, to feel beautiful, you must choose the colour that best suits your skin. For this, you must elevate both your skin and outfit.


Check your skin and under tone and choose colours accordingly

Don’t wear colours that could wash out your skin colour

Frame the hijab comfortably around your face in a style that best suits you

You can use some beautiful fancy pins to keep your hijab in place Wear the hijab elegantly

Light skin tone

Use pastel colours such as orchid bloom or bold jewel tones like sapphire or royal blue – these colours would look really stunning on you. Try to avoid beige, taupe, etc., as your skin will end up looking pale.

Medium skin tone

Fall and autumn hues best suit medium skin toned people who also have yellow under tones. You can also go in for olive green, teal lush pink and cranberry. Bold jewel hues may also look good on you, such as royal violet, ruby etc., which actually bring out the warmth in your skin. Avoid pastel colours, but bright ones should be good such as turquoise and bright pink.

Dark skin tone

Almost every colour can be worn by someone with a dark skin tone. Shades of stark white or pure white could seem a bit harsh, but ivory should go splendidly. To look exceptionally beautiful, use pastel shades and basic bold jewel tones. Or better still, go in for chocolate brown.

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