Workwear Abayas

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Posted on April 30 2021

Workwear Abayas

The Abaya is a beautiful garment that comes with cultural significance and unique charm. Worn by women with confidence, there are several Abaya varieties available online ideal even for work settings.

While plain Abayas are still worn by many, old and traditional ones have been replaced by current fashion trends. Garments are more feminine and sophisticated compared to black plain Abayas that would contain embroidery, shimmer or embellishments.

Today, there are different designs, shapes and cuts that give you a polished look. thowby, a Dubai abaya online worldwide shipping company, provides workwear Abayas that are extremely convenient and stunning to look at. There are some prominent styles in the market.

Bell Sleeves

One of the most elegant features, Abayas with bell sleeves come with flares at the elbows. These best adorn loose-fitting attires.

Butterfly Sleeves

The flares widen up from the armhole and extend until the elbow or the wrist. A beautiful butterfly look appears with the cape effect.

Baggy sleeves

Fashionable on any Abaya, wear baggy sleeves for the best combination of stylish and professional looks in an office environment.

Cuffed sleeves

Get long, tightly fitted cuffs at the wrists across various types of Abayas. You can even have embroidery or buttons on the cuffs or at the edges.

Neutral fit and flare shirt

A unique style, you can find these ultra-fitting Abayas for work in different shades. It adorns a smart shirt collar with a front pocket and stud fastener that is hidden.

Geometric Textures

The open style Abaya is elegant, lightweight and perfect for hot weather. The material is smooth, rich and the attire has an elegant flow and design.

Double Layer Abaya

Create a fluid and airy effect with the double-layered Abaya. The design is contemporary, made from a classic black smooth crepe fabric.

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