Highlights Of 2023: What We Launched, What You Loved

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Posted on December 30 2023

thowby abaya Highlights Of 2023


2023 was an exciting year for thowby. We learnt, we grew, we flourished — and most importantly, we shared joy with people around the world, bound by our common love for abayas. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship shone brightly as we unveiled exquisite collections that merged modern designs with timeless charm. From delicate embellishments to beloved colors, our abayas became a canvas for self-expression, resonating with diverse tastes worldwide.

As the end of the year rolls around, we can’t help but turn back the pages on our calendar marked by the many milestones we crossed and be thrilled by the prospect of crossing so many more in the coming year. 

Our journey is only just getting started. But having been around for six years in the business, we have managed to put our finger on the pulse of classic style in a contemporary fashion world. No one is doing abayas in Dubai like we are — and the enthusiastic response to every collection we launched in 2023 is proof. 

Each collection was introduced with a distinct title that was often self-explanatory. The Bisht Abaya Collection, for instance, was immediately reflective of the traditional style of attire the catalogue included. Customers looking for cloaks with a bisht feel would know exactly where to search on our online abaya shop. And while this categorization helps with the client experience – making it easier for you to buy what you’re looking for – it also reflects the identity of each collection. 


The Silk Collection was one of the earliest launches this year, kicking 2023 off with a bang for us. The client response to this premium offering of elegant abayas was overwhelming. And while we were delighted, we were hardly shocked.

Before it was introduced on our signature online boutique store, the Silk Collection underwent a trial period in offline stores. The results came back positive, with clients wholeheartedly enjoying the luxurious feel of the textures, fabrics, and designs that have now become a trademark of the collection. That the launch happened just in time for Eid made the occasion all the more special. 

It was also the time we decided to make online abaya shopping a more seamless experience than it already was at thowby, by introducing co-ordinated shaylas with every piece. Clients don’t have to search far and wide for matching headcovers with their outfits anymore — we match it exactly to your taste and liking. Clients have been especially grateful for this feature. 

Our Linen Abaya Collection was also a hit among clients, who couldn’t get enough of the light, breathable fabrics part of this catalogue. Perfect for UAE summers, these abayas took smart, modest clothing up a notch, with an elite color palette and sophisticated cuts hard to find in the market.  

Another collection we introduced at thowby is the one that’s closest to my heart. For The Love Of Blue was a collection destined for our catalogue for more reasons than one. If you read my blog on it, you’ll recall that I was unexplainably drawn to blue shades during my pregnancy — to the point that I switched out everything in my house for blue alternatives. I took it as a sign that I would have a boy and this intuition eventually turned out to be true, strengthening my love for the color even more. 

Besides my own emotional connection to blue, the color is universally loved. This is something we knew at thowby already, given that some of our bestselling pieces of all time have been blue. And our Blue Collection – with its shade variants, prints, and designs – only ramped up this popularity. Like we always say: there’s a blue out there for everyone. 

In the meantime, our existing abaya closet kept undergoing constant upgradations and additions. Evergreen collections, like Black Abayas and Colored Abayas, saw the introduction of several new pieces aligned with changing fashion trends and tastes. We carefully surveyed what our clients were loving and looking for, and kept adding to our online abaya shopping catalogue. 

At thowby, we understand the value of renovating ourselves to align our designs to the ever-evolving fashion universe — always with a touch of heritage. To that end, a creation we were very proud of was the special edition Al Emarat Abaya launched as a tribute to UAE’s 52nd Union Day. Embellished with Austrian crystals in the colors of Emirati culture, this exclusive creation was our way of acknowledging national pride through the eternal grace of abayas – an attire beloved across the UAE.   

Our latest collection, which was also our final one for 2023, was the Bisht Abaya Collection. An ode to our Arab traditions, this collection was inspired by the ancient wardrobes of Bedouin tribes that go back centuries. In signature thowby fashion, we blended the classic-contemporary style to create pieces that cater to modern sensibilites while also honoring the essence of old world charm. Clients have been loving this collection and are elated over the idea of having a piece of history in their wardrobes.   

Now, as we bid farewell to 2023, our heartfelt gratitude extends to our clients for embracing our new collections with such warmth and love. Your support propelled us through this remarkable year and we thank you from our hearts, for showing trust in our journey of redefining elegance. 2024 has a lot more abayas in store that we can’t wait to tell you about — stay tuned. 

thowby wishes you a happy new year! Here’s to being fashionable together.

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