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Posted on January 16 2024

Meet the thowby team


Before I could start my own business, I was a working professional all my life and I managed talent acquisition as part of my job role as an HR. In my experience, I realized how important it was to recruit the right person to ensure the growth of the company. It is easier to hire people with talent and skill but the true value is in the attitude and mindset which propels success through positive contribution. When I started my business, I had certain principles regarding the team that I knew I could never compromise with. I believe that your team is your asset for the company they are the heart of the brand. They are the keepers of your brand values and they are the pillars on which your business stands. 

I like to bring in people into my team with the mindset that I want them to be a part of my brand and journey for a lifetime. In this journey of thowby, I have been fortunate enough to have many team members in my team from the time I started till date. I’m proud of them, their contribution, and their loyalty. With time they have gotten better at their jobs and they understand the importance of their contribution to the brand and they do a brilliant job at it. 

I want to take this opportunity to celebrate them and their contribution because their support is what makes this business possible. All my team members both in the Atelier and the stores. They are so responsible that it gives me a deep sense of peace and assurance to do my part without any worry. They do it seamlessly. Everyone who has loved thowby and has helped us grow so far in these 7 years, must know the relentless team that gives their best in making your Abaya perfect and making sure it reaches you without an issue. 

Every member of my team is crucial and valuable to me as they bring their unique contribution to the success of the business and without them I cannot stand alone.

Haroon, my embroiderer has been with me since the time I started. He is a very genuine person. He gives his 100 percent and he understands my design vision. The neat embroidery you see in my collection is his talent and gift. He is very loyal to the brand and enjoys being part of thowby. He has grown and come a long way here in his journey and I’m glad that he likes it here and wants to keep going with his whole heart. He works with us at the Atelier. 

Another important person is Iqbaal, my Master cutter. He has been with me for the past 4 years. His journey is incredible. He joined in as a tailor and has been very good at his craft. He excelled in his work and bagged the position of the Master Cutter and he also supervises the team. I’m proud of his growth especially his communication skills have improved a lot. When began working with me, he would hardly speak, just the bare minimum. But now he has picked up English quite well. He is the person who receives your order and processes it and makes your dream fit a reality. 


Anas is our man on the wheels. He never says no! His dedication and commitment to our clients is remarkable. He is flying from one corner to the other delivering our orders. Whenever urgent orders come in, he senses the urgency and goes out of his way to complete the order. I’m very grateful for his support.


I have 2 Clarissas in my team and they are both extremely valuable to our brand. My sales executive; joined me in the second year of my business and she is amazing at her job.

She manages the entire team for me and takes care of training when a new person joins our team. She is our go-to person and everybody rushes to her because of her experience. Even our clients love her and give her great feedback. She is amazing with Sales. She also, manages our store at Dubai Festival City Mall. 

Our other Clarissa joined us over a year ago and does a brilliant job. She manages our store as Sales Executive at The Mall, she deals directly with the clients and liaises with the team internally for the clients orders and makes sure that our clients are happy and satisfied from the moment they place the order until they receive it. 

A special thanks to Lucy, she manages our store at Yas Mall and she has been with thowby for over two and she is doing a brilliant job in maintaining the store at its best at all times, in terms of clientele service, merchandise, and generating sales. 

I’d like to give a special mention to all our tailors whose remarkable work makes thowby shine in its truly deserved glory. Thank you Sayed, Muzamel, Rasel, Jaseem, and Raise. 

Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Aisha, and Jona, our sales executives.

And it goes without saying, my family, my Sister Rima who is the face of thowby; Areen and Noor my nieces who support me with every creative thing, I’m grateful for your valuable support.

My dear team, every single one of you, I Houda, the founder of thowby and your grateful CEO, extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your support and extraordinary work and dedication every single day. I’m able to live my dream and bring my visions to reality because of your love and support. God bless you all. 

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