Onward and Upward: thowby’s Vision for 2024

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Posted on January 21 2024

Onward and Upward: thowby’s Vision for 2024


New year, new visions… the same old thowby you love. 2024 began on a high note for the brand, which was already riding high on the wave of success we achieved in 2023. New collections, a stronger community, empowered women – it’s everything we like to see. The bygone year was exciting, to say the least. Not only did it energize us for the upcoming year, but also set a solid foundation of the goals, objectives, and milestones we hope to achieve in 2024 – and as always, YOU remain at the centerpoint of our journey.

Since the day thowby started, our clients have been at the heart of everything we do. From keeping them involved through every stage of their abaya orders to updating them on all our month-to-month operations, client participation is something we prize and prioritize at thowby every single day. Therefore, it was only natural for us to lay out our cards for 2024 on the table for all of you – our clients, stakeholders, followers, audiences – to see and appreciate. To help you envision our goals with us for the year. To dream with us. 

Vision 2024 isn’t just a calendar of ideas for us. It’s the layout of a grand plan that seeks to strengthen all aspects of business at thowby, across internal and external verticals. Our outlook for the upcoming year stems from profound thought about the positioning of the brand and where we stand today. In the over six years that we have been in operation, thowby has grown from level to level. We have a strong presence in the international apparel market today, upheld by the name, identity, and trademark we have created for ourselves. There is only onward and upward to go from here!  


thowby began with the vision of being a community-centric brand, and I am proud and grateful to acknowledge that so far, we have been successful in actualizing that dream. Through our many evolutions and transformations over the years, we haven’t lost sight of the human essence that breathes life into every aspect of our brand. Our loyal clientele will attest to the truth that each abaya that bears the thowby label carries character deeply personal to the wearer. Through a thowby abaya, a woman is encouraged to live her reality with confidence, elegance, and grace that draws from a balance of tradition and modernity. There are different meanings to be found in the folds of each abaya and I love that women out there can choose to relate and identify with our brand in their own unique ways. Like we always say, community first. 

To put thowby’s social community in the limelight more than ever before, we plan to showcase more of what goes on behind-the-scenes at our brand. Clients can hope to get close-up views of how business runs at thowby, what processes go into abaya production, how our team works, and the people who actually run the show so smoothly. 

A new series, called thowby diaries, seeks to bridge the distance between thowby’s internal and external communities, by introducing our hardworking team to the world. Every few weeks, we hope to spotlight thowby community members — as we have done in the past — via blogs accessible to our followers and audiences at large. We are doing this with a hope to not just redesign and strengthen our community program but also to expose our clientele to the other side of business that is often hidden from view. It is also our way to support and give back to the community that pumps so much soul into the brand. 

I have been a strong believer in the power of businesses to positively change the world. And it is something I have sought to do with thowby from the moment the brand was conceived. We are not your stereotypical commercial business with sole profit-making objectives; our goal is to serve the community, work on projects that uplift the social milieu around us. This objective has always been on my agenda and the time to make it happen is now. 

Stories from the community will not just add fresher perspective to our journey but also give our audiences the full picture of thowby. The goal is to share more of our brand with the public and make sure that our ever-present community is tuned into our vision at all times too. Together is how we want to move forward. 

To that end, we are also making arrangements to open the doors to our Atelier, where the magic happens. Clients and potential customers will be able to walk straight into thowby operations and get an insider view of how things work over at our end. The experience will be truly immersive – and unique, might I add. All you need to do is book an appointment with us to get front-row seats to the processes involved in producing abayas, right from scratch. Transparency has always been a top priority at thowby and access to our one-of-a-kind Atelier will positively make room for greater dialogue and exchange of ideas between clients, contractors, suppliers, and team members. That is, after all, what community projects are all about. As always, I will always be at the ready to interact with clients and through regular Q&A Sessions with the Founder give you greater insight into our business. 

One of the primary focal points of our growth chart this year will be geographical expansion of our e-commerce business. Our base in the UAE has never been a barrier to diversity and inclusivity – two values that form the core essence of the global community we have created as an abaya brand. Our reach and intent is not location or culture specific; anyone who favors modest fashion with a contemporary twist will find what they’re looking for at thowby, no matter which nationality, religion, culture, race, place they are from. To encourage greater empowerment through fashion, thowby is working hard to expand business operations across borders. We have already begun pushing the accelerator on this objective with our marketing team and are working on exciting new collections that will cater to a wide demographic. 

We intend on doing this while proudly reinforcing our position as a local UAE brand that is comparable to any other name in the global fashion market. From product quality to client experience, we attend minutely to every aspect of our business without any compromises. Such keen and continued focus on delivering world-class services is what matches thowby up to international standards of business, while remaining affordable and accessible to our clientele. And it gives us immense pride to be among the top abaya companies from the UAE to represent the local at the international level. We recognize the responsibility that comes with our position and therefore will strive for opportunities to promote local talent and other brands.


thowby is leading this moment of positive change where empowerment, culture, and community are coming together beautifully. Come, join the change. Start your journey with thowby today!

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