Signature Abaya: One Inspiration, Countless Visions

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Posted on January 25 2024

Signature Abaya: One Inspiration, Countless Visions


This is the story of the abaya that started it all. The first. The original. The masterpiece, as I like to think of it. 

Not long after I conceived the idea of starting my own abaya business, I got down to designing and producing the progenitor piece that would serve as a blueprint for all my future creations. I put my heart and soul into bringing that first abaya to life. It was the starting point of my dream, a canvas where I outlined my initial impressions for the brand. 

My hard work paid off and the results were fantastic. That first abaya was exactly what I had envisioned. It laid the foundations for all future abayas, collections, designs, ambitions, and everything else that keeps thowby moving forward and upward day after day. To this day, that original masterpiece hangs in my office — directly in my line of sight. It serves as a daily reminder of the vision I started with, the core essence of my abaya business. The dream that planted the first seeds of thowby. 

The character of my signature abaya could be summed up in three words: simple, classic, elegant. It was consistent with my strong belief in the idea that there is elegance in simplicity. It is an emotion I especially associate with modest fashion, a world that has so much scope for art and experiment and empowerment. 

At the heart of thowby’s efforts to blend modest tradition with contemporary fashion, we aim to encourage and empower the modern woman to venture forth and conquer the world — all while standing tall in her abaya, her own skin, her comfort zone. Witnessing our abayas grace numerous confident women who challenge stereotypes and make strides of equality everyday fills us with unparalleled joy. It keeps us going. 


Even before I designed my first abaya – the original masterpiece – I knew I wanted to infuse it with a special essence that would define and belong distinctly to thowby. This quality would be the lifeblood of every abaya I would create in my journey. And the foundation of it rested on those three keywords I had started with: simple, classic, elegant. 

It certainly was not an easy task to compose an identity that would belong to thowby and thowby alone. Profound thought about the mission, objectives, goals, and intentions I sought to achieve with this abaya brand gave me the perspective I needed to conceptualize the first layout for thowby. 

Sure enough, I have stayed right on track for over six years in my journey. Every abaya design and collection I have created since day one carries the spirit of that ancestor — the first masterpiece. It is a source of great pride for me that I have been able to create something so unique in the global market while abiding by the initial values of graceful simplicity. And thowby’s loyal clients are living proof of it everyday. 

Throughout our journey, I have closely observed the transformative impact of my abayas among women across the world, across ethnicities and ages, across religions and cultures. When people wear thowby, they are not just wearing an abaya — they are slipping into the best versions of their personalities. They are exuding character and confidence. Their own simple, classic selves. 

The formula of simplicity I use to create every product is something I like to see shine through every time someone puts on a thowby abaya. Not only can I see the positive transformation for myself, but regularly have clients come back with testimonies of how thowby’s classic abayas helped them find their true, confident selves. That I was able to translate my idea into reality that reaches the clients the way I intended it to reach them means a lot to me. 

It all circles back to how a thowby abaya isn’t just another gown or garment in your wardrobe: it is a reflection of your own beautiful self. Every weave, every thread, every detail is designed keeping you and your modest, modern sensibility in mind. Walk into any room wearing a thowby creation and you are guaranteed to turn heads. It is something I am assured of every time I create an abaya for you. It’s because I am not just designing an outfit; I am designing a statement for you, from you. 

No matter how much thowby grows, evolves, or expands, we promise to never let go of those three keywords we have been holding on to: simple, classic, elegant. It is a formula that works and our clients love. Additionally, it is also a truth of the fashion market out in the open for all to see that simplicity is timeless. Avant garde trends may come and go but the beauty of authentic classic fashion is forever here to stay… and so is our essence.

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