The Bisht Abaya Collection: Going Back To Our Roots

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Posted on December 15 2023

The Bisht Abaya Collection by thowby


Here at thowby ثــوبــي  the essence of our soul is the Gulf itself, perfect in its own distinct culture and ultramodern allure. The refined class and beauty of our abayas stem from this inspiration. Our designs are inspired by our own roots in the Arabian Gulf, and we strive to enrich every abaya with the blended threads of our cultural heritage and the beauty of contemporary styles.

In our daily ambition to preserve ancestral traditions amid an ever-evolving cycle of changing fashions, we were inspired to introduce a new abaya collection that pays homage to our everlasting heritage and contemporary future. Proudly presenting: thowby’s fresh line of Bisht Abayas, for a touch of authentic style in your wardrobe. 


For those versed in, or even remotely aware of, Arab cultures, the significance of the bisht needs little explanation. The simple cloak-style attire has a history that spans many, many centuries. Bishts were originally worn only by men, but they began to be worn by women in the form of a bisht, giving birth to the bisht abaya.  

From then to now, the status of the bisht as an important cultural symbol has only grown. To honor and preserve the essence of this elegant, timeless garment, we introduced the Bisht Abaya Collection at thowby. I really enjoyed every bit of bringing this collection to life — right from its creation to implementation and finally launching it online. 

Only a few days have passed since the Bisht Abayas were unveiled at thowby and the pieces are already a hit among our clientele, who are taking great delight in the classic-contemporary flavor of the collection. To be honest, we were confident about the success of our Bisht Abayas in advance, even as we conceptualized them. Like we said, the universal appeal of the bisht needed no second guessing!  


The Bisht Abaya Collection is a tribute to the cultures and customs of our ancestors, and in designing this selection, I was conscious of that truth every step of the way. Right from the beginning, as we conceptualized the abayas that would be curated under this collection, I was committed to the values of authenticity derived from the ancient traditions of the bisht. 

The make of our bisht abayas closely resembles the original form of the garment. Of course, the styling, design, cut, and development are all thowby specials but the core essence of each piece in the collection is reminiscent of the classic. We had centuries of traditions to take inspiration from — and you can best believe we did!

Pieces in the Bisht Abaya Collection follow the usual thowby norm of premium qualities, fabrics, and colors that have become a brand signature at this point. The collection makes available a varied palette of hues that will appeal to a wide range of client sensibilities — from earthy tones to pastels and darker, richer shades.    

As always, thowby’s hallmark of inclusivity shines through in every abaya part of the bisht curation. Our Bisht Abayas cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, offering a variety of styles that resonate with different personalities, bringing out the best in each client’s confidence. From flowing silhouettes that evoke a sense of timeless romance to tailored cuts that display modern sophistication, our collection has something for everyone. 

While we have stayed true to the original ideas of elegance and sophistication symbolized by original bisht attires, contemporary times have called for certain key differences between the older garments and their newer counterparts at thowby. The fabric used for our abaya collection is high quality crepe, since we figured that traditional bisht textures of animal hair – which Bedouin tribes preferred in extreme climates – would not be so popular in cosmopolitan UAE today.

Bisht Abayas have the exceptional quality of being highly versatile. Just like in the olden days, when the bisht was worn over any and all attires as a special cloak, thowby’s Bisht Abayas can be draped over your daily or occasional wardrobe. Color options are aplenty to complement your getup under the abaya beautifully.  

It would have become clear by now just how much I adore Bisht Abayas. It’s a collection very close to my heart, as it is to the hearts of so many thowby clients commissioning our Bisht Abayas everyday. No one can say no to a Bisht Abaya — you won’t be able to, too! :) 

Check out our Bisht Abaya Collection here 

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