Why did I choose abaya business?

Houda A. Rahman

Posted on October 19 2019

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Hello, again dear reader,

Today my blog will be about why I chose to start a business brand in the abaya industry.

Firstly, I have a passion for designing custom abayas and I love to wear them. In fact, I feel very comfortable with them and absolutely enjoy it.

By the time abaya attire became part of my personality, I gained the confidence and empowerment when wearing an abaya.

My main objective in creating thowby ثــوبــي is to revive and reintroduce the essence of the traditional abaya. I wanted it in a way that would incorporate the current styles and trends of the fashion industry without abandoning the garment's original intent to be a modest covering.

Each of my thowby ثــوبــي designs reflects my commitment to combining fashion and modesty to create abayas for every occasion.

Although most of my designs are inspired by the Arabian Gulf heritage, I target to dress women all over the globe who choose to wear modest clothing regardless of their ethnicity, background, or religion.

Alhumdull’Allah my clients come from all parts of the world which shows how my vision is coming to life, as my abaya designs attract women from all over the globe.

That definitely encourages me to continue with this path and do my best to provide the best abaya designs possible.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes.
Houda A.Rahman
Thowby ثوبي Founder

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