Customize Your Size: Abayas To Fit Your Style Perfectly

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Posted on September 28 2023

Customize Your Size: Abayas To Fit Your Style Perfectly


Does size matter? It all depends on you. Your style. Your confidence. Your choice. When it comes to fashion, there are few garments that can match up to the abaya in versatility and inclusivity. Through its fluid form alone, an abaya becomes a statement on the contemporary idea of fashion for all. Except, these traditional robes have been endorsing this kind of empowerment for centuries together. 

One size doesn’t fit all. It shouldn’t fit all. This diversity is what makes each woman so special. The fashion industry is slowly waking up to this truth in the 21st century, pushing the gears on size-inclusive clothing. In fact, inclusive sizing along with modest clothing and diverse style were touted as some of the most important factors impacting the luxury fashion market, according to a report from consulting firm Bain & Company in 2018 (read 3rd paragraph under the title: Today’s luxury consumer is getting younger… and more diverse). Guess what? thowby attends to them all. 

At thowby, customization is at the crux of each piece we create. In the deliberate omission of standard sizing charts that other brands in the industry follow, we strive to honor individuality above all and aim to customize your abaya according to your specific size, style, and taste. No more sitting at home with a measuring tape, stressing over trying to fit yourself into industry sizes by force, to buy abayas online that you like! 

Curvy, petite, tall, lean, plus-size— thowby will tailor your abaya specifically to your size.     

The very foundation of our business rests on the idea of celebrating individuality — something we have strived to do everyday since we started, with a range of varieties and sizes and styles up for offer. No two women are the same, and at thowby, we value this diversity with all our heart. This is why our sizing chart is just a guide but not the final word as all our online Abayas are fully customised once the order is placed and we make Abayas for all sizes, there is no size we cannot make. Once the order is placed online, our team gets in touch with you for measurements that are unique and specific to you. Because women cannot be defined by standard sizes that are limited and not versatile. 


Just like the women we dress, thowby is a norm-breaker. When people questioned the value of abayas, we rose to the front with conviction about modest fashion also being modern. When its status as a religious garment was highlighted, we showed the world that traditional and contemporary ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive and can co-exist, as they do in our abayas. When the fashion industry tried to slot women into the same numeric sizes, we were resolute in our decision to leave our size guide open and free to customization for each client. 

Most brands rely on the ease of using standard sizing charts. But thowby isn’t like other brands. Our core values of client care compel us to go above and beyond for our patrons and accommodate each of their requests as they relate to abayas, be it style-wise or size-wise. We ensure a close business to client communication from start to finish of your abaya order, consulting with you on each customizable aspect. As such, you can be assured of receiving a finished piece that graces your figure the way you want it to. And we don’t just mean by width, but by length too.  

Abayas, by nature, are inclusive garments. The free-flowing fall and loosely elegant shape they bear are attributes designed to take each wearer’s individual form. Not to mention, these qualities guarantee maximum comfort — in the abaya and your own skin. It’s not without reason that people from all over the world – regardless of religion, country, size – are opting for this modest garment that embraces everyone with equal elegance.  

Sure, it’s not always the easiest task to customize abaya designs for clients across borders, without in-person consultations and measurements. But we never stop pushing hard from our end to ensure a smooth, stress-free online abaya shopping experience on your end. We make collaboration fun and functional, by asking you the right questions and retrieving the right information we need to make you the most perfect abaya. And we have results to show! 

Women across the sizing spectrum — petite to plus size, tall to short — come back to us with uplifting stories and positive feedback about the elegant fit of their customized abayas. And every story we hear about another woman discovering her own confidence within (with a little help from a thowby abaya) only pushes us forward to do more, do better, do greater every single day.    

We don’t mass produce our abayas. Every piece we create is from scratch, as we go along the process with an exchange of ideas with you, our valued client. The abaya being produced is specially yours. So naturally, everything about it should match up to your taste, in all aspects. The diverse range of modern trendy abaya designs we keep adding to our collection every few cycles is another way for us to keep tapping into your preferences and understanding what kind of abayas you like. After all, thowby is as much yours as it is ours, for as our tagline promises, it’s truly YOUR ORIGINAL ABAYA. Told you we’re inclusive! :) 

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