Care Instructions

How to Care for your Abaya 

At thowby ثــوبــي we use different kind of fabrics, ranging from delicate to normal textiles, embroidery, and Swarovski crystals, therefore reading the care instruction will be very helpful on keeping your abaya in the best condition. 

One important thing you must consider prior to the care of your Abaya:

- Use detergent that is specially made for abaya fabric. 

Additionally, there are different methods to wash and press your abaya:

- Dry Cleaning 
- Gentle Machine Wash
- Hand Wash 
- Pressing / Steaming

Dry Cleaning 
If your abaya label says dry clean only then this means that you should strictly follow the instruction and get it dry cleaned only.

Gental Machine Wash
It is advisable that you turn your abaya inside out or put it in a protective basket. Select cold water using the gentlest cycle available for a maxiumum of 5 minutes. Take your garments from the machine as soon as the cycle ends, and lay them out flat to dry.

Hand Wash
Gently agitate your abaya in cold water, and rub any soiled areas softly with your fingers if any. When you feel confident that the garment is clean, dip the garments in and out of the water until they are no longer soapy. Lay it out flat to dry (avoid direct sun light).

Pressing / Steaming Instructions: 
Pressing or steaming applies for gentle machine wash and hand wash only. You can use either Iron or cloth steamer. You must press or iron your abaya inside out in order to avoid color changing and pressing marks. Clothes steamers are very efficient on most fabrics. It remove creases and refreshes fabric very well. Preferably please use the  heated metal plate, and make sure to use the delicate fabric guard so you do not expose your fabric to too much heat.

We hope that you found our care instructions beneficial for you. 

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