Trendsetting Modest Wear By thowby

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Posted on April 16 2022

Trendsetting Modest Wear By thowby



It’s a common misbelief that only fashion that is risqué sets trends. thowby, with our catalogue of modest dressing that is charting new horizons in elegance and grace, is proving that there is a world beyond skin show that spells style. 

It is the promise of contemporary vision and classy clothing that is making so many women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures pick modest outfits like abaya and kaftans today. A full-length gown, if done well, can be the standout item in your wardrobe. 

thowby is bringing you the very best in modest, modern fashion. Our exquisite designs of abayas and kaftans are cutting through the crowd of overstated designs in the bazaar to celebrate dressing that is delicate, subtle and refined in taste. 

Because modesty never goes out of vogue. YOU never go out of vogue.   

Here’s how thowby is changing the game with trendsetting fits and original creations to define the unique you. 

Choices for every occasion 

The modern woman is walking fiercely forward, seeking the place and equality she deserves in every field of life. To colour that confidence, thowby offers distinct abaya designs for work wear. 

From daily practical wear to special occasion dressing, we have no limit to variety. 

Our classic fit crepe and Nada abayas that carry the quality of enhancing grace ever so subtly will become your go-to wear everyday. On the other hand, our wedding and evening abaya collections in rich colours and glossy detailing will glam up your celebrations. If you are planning to visit Mecca for umrah, our simplistic styling will have you covered then too.    

Contemporary, elegant designs 

At thowby, we believe in the power of fusion. Through our vast abaya and kaftan collections, we are committed to consistently tailoring fashion that blends the classic and contemporary. This core value is what results in the creation of timeless pieces that our clientele so enjoys.  

For instance, the beauty of several of our abayas are outlined through statement butterfly sleeves or pleated sleeves adorned with golden detailing. Our abaya too sport smart fits with artistic royal cuts and princess cuts. Think also outfits inspired by cloche and floral designs that break away from traditional plain gowns.   

Every abaya in our catalogue is also enriched with a distinctive personality by the colour that defines it. We have monochrome abaya, colour-blocked designs and printed gowns. Looking for winter wear? thowby has tweed and woollen abayas to keep you warm too. 

The diversity of fabrics to pick from, ranging from simple crepes to exquisite velvets, will have you spoilt for choice. Truly, at thowby, there is something for everyone!  

Attention to exquisite details 

For us, it’s all in the details. Our clients always return to us with positive feedback, particularly about the attention to personal taste and choice we customise into each product they order. If you are picking thowby, then we make sure we serve you to 100% satisfaction.

A very small example is the placement of buttons on the abayas. Since we know that each client requirement will differ in this regard, we leave the option open to you to tell us exactly where you would like your buttons to be added. 

It’s the small things that ensure high-quality. 

We are also leading the way in accessorising classic abaya designs with detailing that enhances their personality. Aside from the good old plain looks, thowby abayas are brought alive with crystal embellishments, hand embroidery and lace adornments. Several abayas are lined with fashionable satin borders or given trendy leather details. 

Women’s clothing often lacks this convenience but we have made sure to add pockets to some of our abayas!    

Last but not the least, client care is our utmost priority, and so, we truly listen when you speak. 

Operating on a customer-friendly plan, thowby keenly takes into account all your requirements for the products you order from us. From sizing up your measurements accurately to following up until you are truly happy with your package, we stand by you. 

We are committed to making your experience with thowby your best fashion moment. Come, let’s be trendsetters together! Shop today.    

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