With Expo 2020 Dubai, Abayas Have Become A Favorite

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Posted on October 18 2021

With Expo 2020 Dubai, Abayas Have Become A Favorite


The Expo 2020 Dubai, a global ray of hope that came after the gloom of fate. The dawn of October 1st, 2021 brought with it an unmatchable display of purpose, intelligence, and grandeur. An assemblage of brilliance put up by more than 190 countries, a 6 month long affair calls for an opportunity to grow, experience, and be entertained. The world has been gearing up to attend Expo 2020 Dubai, and the event has seen an influx of visitors from across the globe. Embracing the beauty of the host city, visitors are indulging in cultural experiences to celebrate the spirit of the UAE. The Abaya fashion industry in particular saw a rise in demand and it did so for all the right reasons.

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One of the most common myths about Abaya is that it is a traditional modest custom piece of clothing. But in recent times, most women identified with the fashion essence of Abaya, a modest yet elegant apparel which establishes a style statement of its own. At thowby, we believe in the universality of our Abayas that resonate with women across the globe. We had women from varied nationalities visit our store to pick a favorite for the Expo 2020 Dubai. With a wide variety in design, colors, and styles, Abayas are being loved and styled to each one’s liking. Abayas are also seen as equivalent to cardigans, overalls, jackets, and overcoats. Some wear it traditionally and others style it with western wear. At thowby, each Abaya tells a story and gives absolute value for money. We’ve always had clients coming back for the quality.


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If you’ve never worn an Abaya and are leaning towards the idea, be spoilt for choice here at thowby. From a traditional style to a modern take, each Abaya will enchant its way to your heart. The robes are not only unique but also full of personality. It is anything but bland. For an event like Expo 2020 Dubai, you’d want to be at your presentable best and we have one for every taste. Be it trendy sleeves,abayas with pockets, solids, royal colours, classics, denim, checkered, embroidered, prints, collared, sequined, florals, we have it all. All of this at affordable prices, high quality fabric, and latest Abaya designs.
We also have a few favourites which we would highly recommend if you are looking for the best Abaya designs to be worn at Expo 2020 Dubai.
Our humble recommendations:
Jenan Abaya, Aseel Abaya, Kawthar Abaya, Abrar Abaya, Yara Abaya, Shambhala Abaya, Sogha Abaya, Bareaa Abaya

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