Abaya Styles and Embroideries

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Posted on September 29 2021

Abaya Styles and Embroideries



The abaya is the most commonly preferred attire by women across the Middle East. This traditional garment has also made premier fashion statements and, over the years, is looking to blend modernism with conventional embroidery, creating the most stunning designs. Available in a range of fabrics, several embellishments adorn the clothing that only fortifies its style.

Embroidery has been a big part of the Arabic world for centuries. And the fact that they are used on Abayas is no surprise. Here are some of the most common embroideries that are used:

Outline Embroidery

Embroidery utilises different kinds of stitches, such as outline, chain, back, etc. Outline stitches overlap back stitches, forming a beautiful pattern. The stitch is generally used when you have to outline a designer abaya. With this, the garment is made to look extremely elegant.

Chinese silk embroidery

The Chinese have been practising silk embroidery for thousands of years. There are some fantastic motifs, including flowers, birds, animals, geometric designs that are padded across the fabric to give a three-dimensional effect.

Satin Stitch

A glossy and flat textured stitch is embedded into the fabric, giving it the sheen of satin. Small areas may be filled while larger spaces are highlighted, making the embroidery look neat and flush.


Gold and silver threads are sewn onto the fabric embellishing the Abaya. In some of our latest abaya designs, you will find zari works where different coloured stones and threads may be used to enhance the richness of the attire. Even velvet and rich silks may be used for embroidery.

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