5 Reasons Why The Winter Abaya Collection Is Remarkable

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Posted on October 27 2021

5 Reasons Why The Winter Abaya Collection Is Remarkable


It's time to wave goodbye to summer, winter is ringing bells and is just around the corner! People are excited to wrap themselves in cozy yet style packed attires. So when you place these two adjectives in the same sentence, a winter abaya fits this requirement like a glove! If you've subscribed to our newsletter, be rest assured, your winters will look tasteful.

1 - Free Shipping Worldwide

Every single abaya in our collection is meticulously crafted to fit better, feel better, and last longer. We never compromise with quality nor with style. One of the major reasons why people from all across the globe shop for our winter abaya online. Free shipping worldwide is our way of saying, you deserve good things and heavy shipping fees should never come in the way. High quality fabric, modest designs, affordable prices, and free shipping worldwide sounds like there could not have been a better deal! Doesn't it?

2- An Abaya For Every Woman

Abaya as a global wear has brought an extensive demand in the market. Women of all nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and style preferences have been leaning towards the abaya fashion for it is modest, classy, and a stunner in the fashion world. It has taken the prime spot on the hangers of many wardrobes. At thowby, we have an abaya for every woman's liking.

3 - Minimal Yet Trendsetting

With minimal and delicate design, Abayas have won hearts of minimalists and subtle style lovers. Abaya is perfectly suited for women who prefer simple, elegant yet comfortable clothes that speak volumes with their simplicity. At thowby, every abaya renders itself  highly versatile to be styled in endless ways. Your winter wardrobe will never look dull with our latest winter abayas.

We also have the perfect Shaylas, under abaya dress and face masks to go with your winter abaya collection.

4 - Extraordinary Colour Palette

Consider stocking up this season with a wide range of palettes to  add colour to the frost of December. Our winter collection  is replete with soft colours and trendy patterns. We have quite some style going up our long sleeves. If you love soft colours that send forth calm vibes, our shades were born to do that. The colour palette is fit for any time of the day and any occasion on the calendar.

5 - Isn't Winter A Reason Enough?

To our surprise, abaya has become the most trending with the hint of cold mornings. What’s more special is that Abaya serves perfectly as a winter attire that can be worn from day to evening regardless of time. To add to that, winters bring with them the trend of the oversized jackets, cardigans, overalls, and winter coats. An Abaya steps into all these shoes yet emerges victorious with an elegance that is unmatchable.

Winter collection Abayas from Thowby UAE

Featured abayas: Siva Abaya, Rosa Abaya, Sira Abaya, Kinda Abaya 

Thowby’s Winter Abayas have been designed to offer you warmth and style for the season. Take a look at the winter collection here.

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