How to Wear Abayas For Different Occasions?

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Posted on November 15 2021

How to Wear Abayas For Different Occasions?


Seasons change, so do occasions! Occasions are an inevitable part of our lives. Be it festivals, events, or weddings, your presence is marked by the elegance of your attire. Abayas are often typecast as monotonous and bland, on the contrary, they are one of the finest categories of versatile clothing. With zero compromises made on style, comfort, and modesty, it wins every occasion on point. 

Every woman has her style preference and comfort prerequisite. At thowby, we call an assemblage of colours, style techniques, and serve a perfect fit for any festivity. Every Abaya is unique and displays an unmatchable degree of creativity.

thowby’s Abayas offer an experience above everything else. The goodness of comfort blended with the look and feel of the finest fabrics surpasses one’s expectations beyond and above. Each Abaya tells a story in itself, a purpose fulfilled in design speaking volumes at one glance. We believe in weaving dreams that please every woman's taste in fashion. Come along as we present a representation in visual imagery, walking you through some of our abaya categories and the finesse of their make.


Work Abaya

elegant abaya for work by thowby

Our work Abayas are designed to meet your professional standards giving attention to minute details and representing your style and personality. Some of our bestseller work abayas are Ghaliya Abaya, Asraa Abaya, Najla Abaya, and Hesa Abaya. thowby’s professional collection offers a variety of work abayas to keep you in style and on your feet.


Winter Abaya

winter abaya, beautiful abaya design by thowby

Our Winter Abayas qualify all standards of a perfect winter wear. With designs that instantly make way through your heart and comfort that makes any winter evening event a comfortable affair, our winter abayas are a people’s favourite. Check out the winter collection here. 


Evening Abaya

Abaya Collection for the evenings by thowby

Evening events call for extravagance and glam as an unspoken rule. thowby’s evening abayas help you mark your presence with a style statement that offers uncompromising elegance and style. Every abaya displays class and opulence like no other. 


Wedding Abaya

The most sacred and special occasion in one’s life is a wedding. Whether you are a bride or a family member attending a wedding, you just can’t miss out on the wonderful wedding abaya collection at thowby. Each abaya presents with itself stories woven in lace, embroideries, sequins, colours, and designs making you celebrate in style. 


Travel Abaya

best abaya for traveling by thowby

Abayas that are best suited for travel, social occasions, work meetings, and trendy wear are designed with care at thowby. That’s why we say, we have an abaya for every woman. Additionally, you can choose to style your Abayas with Face Masks and Shaylas.

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