لليوم الخاص عندما تلتقي العروس مع العريس
سواء كنت من عائلة العروس أو العريس أو من الأصدقاء ، فأنت تريدين مشاركة هذه المناسبة الخاصة بارتداء عباية متألقة لكي تحتفلي بسعادة الزوجين. وإذا كنت العروس نفسها ، فأنت بالتأكيد تريد أن ترتدي عباية بكامل الأناقة


For the special day, when the bride meets the groom…

Whether you are from the bride’s or the groom’s family or friends, you want to share this special occasion dressed in a fashionable abaya that celebrates the new couple’s happiness. And if you are the bride herself, then you certainly want to dress in elegance and style!

Get the latest fancy abayas for weddings from Thowby in a variety of colours, embroideries, patches, laces, buttons and much more. Our designs come with a magical effect against the main black colour – with this, throw in a multishade attire to give it a beautiful look. Especially, abayas in Dubai are stylish, and come with trim cuts and a neckline that contains heavy lace work. The sleeves are also adorned with lovely embroidery. Fancy abayas for weddings are available with frills as well that are a centre of attraction. We will also customise the abaya to suit your requirements.

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