My First Abaya: A Series To Honor Your Most Special Moments

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Posted on April 21 2024

My First Abaya: A Series To Honor Your Most Special Moments


Have you ever experienced that moment when you put on an outfit and feel like the most confident, elegant version of yourself? For many women, including Liliya, that feeling becomes a reality when they slip into their first abaya.

Amidst the vibrant mix of cultures that make up our world, there is a common thread that binds women together — their shared experiences, dreams, and the way they navigate life. One of the most beautiful expressions of this unity is found through modest fashion. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and faiths, an entire global sisterhood of women finds common ground through their fondness for fashion that preserves both their tradition and style. 



This is where the abaya shines through. Whether rooted in tradition or embraced as a modern fashion statement, the abaya holds a special place in the hearts of women around the world. It is a garment that neither discriminates nor divides. From the bustling streets of the Middle East to the fashion capitals of the West, the abaya is making its mark with its timeless elegance and versatility. 

Liliya's story is a testament to the transformative power of the abaya.   




After converting to Islam, Liliya embarked on a journey to find the perfect abaya that could resonate with her sense of style and also reaffirm her identity. Through the convenience of online abaya shopping, she discovered thowby. 

“I was looking for abayas on Instagram. I found the thowby profile and was interested to buy their designs and colours, and so I ordered,” Liliya says. 

It was not just the premium quality we offer that drew Liliya to us, nor was it just our unmatched range of designs and collections that appealed to her. For Liliya, what set thowby abayas apart is the modern comfort we offer, without ever compromising on our signature traditional touch. thowby spoke to her soul. 

"In my abaya, I feel so confident, stylish, and happy," Liliya shares, reflecting on the joy she finds in wearing her favorite abayas from thowby. “People around ask me where I get my beautiful abayas. I have so many of them… I change them every day. It feels so cozy!" 

Like it has for hundreds of our clients across the globe, thowby has become Liliya’s go-to abaya shop for all her modest fashion needs. Long seen as a traditional garment that restricts female agency, the abaya is now reclaiming its place in the fashion-forward world, thanks to women like Liliya who are making conscious choices in modest clothing.

At thowby, we are driven by an ambition to change the narrative around abayas in a world where women's clothing comes laden with taboos and biases. For us, abayas are the ultimate symbol of confidence, empowerment, and self-expression — and we make sure to stitch this essence into every abaya we make. 

Our My First Abaya series embodies this mission by amplifying the authentic voices of women who wear abayas, sharing their stories, dreams, and emotions in their own words.

As we celebrate the beauty and diversity of womanhood, we invite you to explore our online abaya shop and experience the beauty of traditional abayas reimagined for the modern woman

Whether you are a seasoned abaya wearer or are embarking on your first abaya shopping journey, discover the joy of expressing your unique identity through thowby’s timeless pieces that embody sophistication and grace. Discover yourself with a thowby abaya that speaks to your style, sensibility, and soul. 

We invite you to join the conversation and share your experience of wearing your first thowby abaya with us at contactus@thowby.com. There is immense beauty and power in experiencing womanhood through the grace of modest fashion — come, let’s celebrate it together!  

Reach out to us on +971 50 656 8711 or WhatsApp us and we will take it forward with you from there.

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