My First Abaya: Treasuring Your Special Moments With thowby

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Posted on April 29 2024

My First Abaya: Treasuring Your Special Moments With thowby


Every abaya has a story, and behind each one lies the tale of a first abaya. For Maha, abayas happened by a stroke of fate. The garment was neither part of her original wardrobe nor her plans. She leaned more toward power suits, jeans, and other smart casuals, switching up her personal style every few years. Then one day, a serendipitous encounter with thowby changed everything. 

“I was at Nakheel Mall, shopping with my husband, when the colored abayas at thowby attracted me,” Maha says. “There were many different shades of blue — my favorite colour. So I thought, let me try one and see how it looks.” No points for guessing what happened next. :) 

“I loved it!” says Maha. From the fit to the quality to how radiant it made her look, everything about the abaya she tried appealed to her. thowby instantly struck a chord with Maha. Her delight was doubled when she won compliments from everyone around her in the store… and was then tripled when her husband reaffirmed just how beautiful the abaya looked on her. She immediately purchased it! 

Maha is one of hundreds of women who have discovered the joy of dressing up in abayas after coming in contact with us. She symbolizes the inclusivity and universal appeal that are so characteristic of our abayas, regardless of the wearer’s background or style.


After her first brush with thowby, Maha became a loyal client. It didn’t take long for her abaya collection to grow after that first purchase and soon enough, she became the owner of over 7 classic abayas in a colorful palette of blues, pinks, and purples. 

Her story is just one of many examples of how abayas have revitalized wardrobes and lifestyles today, changing the narrative around this garment being one that restricts independence and autonomy. The reality, as Maha shows, is far from that perception. 

The adaptability and versatility of the abaya allows it to coexist harmoniously with modern apparel, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Not only does it suit every style, it even suits every sensibility. 

Even though she has explored our whole catalogue, Maha's heart lies with our simple, timeless, all-time favorite classic abaya. "The classic abaya is my favorite because it's easy to wear and pair with a shayla. It's simple and lightweight," Maha explains. She also adores our Tala Abaya and France Abaya for their combined appeal of modern sophistication and traditional charm. 

There is more than one reason why Maha took to the abaya lifestyle – a primary one being just how easy it made her life. Everyday fashion became more manageable for Maha, who was happy to occasionally swap out her western wardrobe – with all its mixing, matching, and fitting – for simple thowby abayas that are not just simplistic in form but also superior in quality. 

“The abaya material is soft and light. It's easy to wash and steam iron, making it practical for everyday wear,” Maha says. The ease of maintenance fits seamlessly into her busy schedule. “Plus, the prices are reasonable," she adds.

Like Maha, you can find abayas that speak to your soul at thowby to live a life more authentically, more fashionably, and more confidently. Explore our online abaya shop and discover the beauty of traditional abayas reimagined for the modern woman. 

Whether you are a seasoned abaya wearer or new to modest fashion, we invite you to join the conversation and share your experience of wearing your first thowby abaya with us at contactus@thowby.com. There is immense beauty and power in experiencing womanhood through the grace of modest fashion — come, let’s celebrate it together!  

Reach out to us on +971 50 656 8711 or WhatsApp us and we will take it forward with you from there.

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