thowby Shines at The Studio’s Fashion Showcase Celebrating Local Businesses

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Posted on April 05 2024

thowby Shines at The Studio’s Fashion Showcase Celebrating Local Businesses


We’re only three months into 2024 and the year is already shaping up to be an exciting one for thowby. In yet another milestone that we’re delighted to add to our ever-growing portfolio, thowby recently had the pleasure of participating in a remarkable fashion show at The Studio, nestled within the vibrant Dubai Festival City (DFC) mall



The event, aimed at showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of 12 local brands, proved to be a wholesome and fulfilling experience that I will remember for a long time to come — as I’m sure other entrepreneurs involved will do, too. It was heartening to witness the coming together of some of the UAE’s most outstanding fashion labels, which pooled their ideas and resources to make this show a resounding success. 

“It was heartening to witness the coming together of some of the UAE’s most outstanding fashion labels”

It all started with a brainstorming session between the 12 tenants at The Studio keen on utilizing the DFC’s wonderful platform to boost support and visibility for their apparel businesses. We eventually landed on the idea for a collaborative fashion show that would uplift not just our 12 labels but the industry of homegrown brands in the UAE at large. 

And we’re happy to report that our efforts contributed toward creating something that was magical, beautiful, and successful all at once. Another thowby treasure collected! :)  


The initial teamwork between all the brands to conceptualize a fashion show at The Studio set the tone for the positive collaboration that came to define the rest of the event planning. We began charting out schedules, costs, layouts, and other particulars together. From sourcing models to setting up the venue, arranging seating plans and refreshments, every aspect of the event was meticulously planned and executed.   

We’re proud to report that thowby's marketing agency played a pivotal role in promoting the event. Our expertly crafted posts were shared by all tenants, serving not only as digital invitations but also as informative leaflets distributed during the fashion show. To create online visibility for the fashion show and give clients a platform to engage with the event, a social media page for The Studio @ DFC was also introduced.  

The results exceeded our expectations. We had a great turnout, with clients across brands joining the event to show support for our fashion labels — and collecting a few new favorites along the way. They were eager to engage with the diverse range of offerings that catered to a variety of fashion preferences, tastes, and styles. 

What was most overwhelming to see was that the occasion was filled with camaraderie and mutual support, as brands came together to showcase their finest pieces while fostering a sense of community spirit. Each of the exquisite pieces that was modelled symbolized the spirit of empowerment and modernity that all the brands represent. 

This event at the studio was not just a showcase of fashion, but also the unity and solidarity between participating brands that, despite belonging to the same competitive market, harboured a healthy collaborative spirit meant to uplift each other. 

thowby is deeply grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with fellow brands and contribute to the promotion of UAE’s bustling local talent and craftsmanship. The teamwork and support demonstrated by all participants at The Studio left a lasting impression on me, highlighting the power of unity among the local fashion industry. I am excited for the many such prospects of partnerships the future will bring! 

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