1 Abaya, 5 Styles: Versed in the Versatile

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Posted on May 07 2022

1 Abaya, 5 Styles: Versed in the Versatile



What comes to mind, when you think of an abaya? A dress? A drape? An overcoat? Well, an abaya can be all that and more. That’s what makes this piece of fashion so perfect. Its refined elegance knows no bounds, when it comes to versatility, making the abaya a true pinnacle of contemporary style. 


Fashion today has no singular definition. It can be whatever you want it to be. The general rule of thumb to follow is: if it boosts your confidence, you have found your style. And the multifunctional abaya is tailor-made for just that taste. 


The world is only just waking up to the dignified charm of the abaya. Across cultures and countries and borders, the abaya is making its presence felt through a rare quality of inclusivity. So whether you are a woman seeking modest fashion or one who feels most comfortable in a pair of jeans, the abaya is your go-to. A reliable wardrobe companion that can be paired with just about anything, this attire never fails you. 


At thowby, every abaya is crafted meaningfully, threaded together keeping the intent of inclusivity intact. You can wear it as you like and style it as you want, but you can be assured that with a thowby abaya adorning you, you will always make heads turn everywhere you go. 


In this wardrobe guide, we show you how to style our best-selling Nahla abaya in 5 ways: 


Go classic

Nothing can beat the traditional drape of the abaya, flowing down the length of your body in a classic fit. It translates into grace that is defined by a timeless medley of modesty and sophistication. The style quotient of this beige feather-light abaya is amped up by its simple yet elegant fabric and classy borders. Paired with a co-ordinated beige under abaya to complete the look, this attire is perfect for any outing formal or informal. 


Mix n’ match

Kick your abaya look up a colourful notch with a tasteful mix up of hues. In the world of layering, polishing up your ensemble with the right colour palette is always in vogue. Not only does it liven up your appearance, but also speaks highly of your refined taste in fashion trends. For instance, you can make your ensemble stand out by experimenting with fun contemporary animal print designs or tie-and-dye tees. On the other hand, with a piece like the Nahla abaya, any contrasting bright under abaya will lend a stately feel to your presence in any room. A black or white under abaya dress can also give your look the desired pop of colour by creating a pretty contrast.     


Western fusion

 It is in the abaya’s nature to embrace without discrimination. So if your outfit of choice comprises jeans and a top or a formal office look, the abaya will complement your look like nothing else can! Work it like a longline jacket or cover up for an instant lift to your Western-styled ensemble. The abaya will draw attention right down to the ankles, till where it sweeps, so you might want to jazz the look up with a pair of attractive flat sandals or heeled stilettos. Accessorizing with a belt at the waist will add a nice finishing touch.    


Dress the best

 The plurality of the abaya extends even to Western dresses, allowing a comfortable fusion of the modest and the candid. The abaya can go over your stylish bodycon dress, or a nice ankle length-skirt, or even a jumpsuit to complete the look smartly. The colour palette can either be consistent or splash different colours together - whatever the mood calls for that day. At any party or workplace, you can be assured of being the standout! Define the epitome of femininity in a fashion-forward world with this combination that is a seamless blend of comfort and class.  


Accentuate it 

 It’s all in the details! A simple belt or some jewellery to accessorise your abaya look can instantly give a classy lift to your ensemble. Don’t we all deserve a little glam in our lives, after all? Pin a stylish belt around your waist for a chic revitalisation of your gown. A nice neckpiece or statement earrings can further enhance the appearance, adding to the grace that defines your abaya. 


Happy styling! 


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