Attending A Wedding? Choose From Our Catalogue To Look Your Best

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Posted on May 07 2022

Attending A Wedding? Choose From Our Catalogue To Look Your Best



How wonderful are weddings! People come together in a magnificent celebration of love, families meet and greet to have a gala time, showers of happiness are ever-flowing. Though the bride and groom are the star focus of the event, everybody taking part in a wedding brims with joy. 

Choosing the perfect fit for a wedding you have been invited to attend can be a task. As a guest, you would want to blend in seamlessly with the festive vibe of the occasion and yet, not lose the touch of your individual charm and personal taste. 

thowby is here to help, as always. Displaying the best wedding picks from our style catalogue, we are happy to assist you in putting together gorgeous looks for all the weddings you have to attend. 

Salwa Abaya 

A wedding occasion calls for ultimate elegance, a characteristic that the sophisticated Salwa abaya embodies. Delicately stitched from soft nada fabric, the standout feature on this black gown is the gold embellishment piping down the full front length, sleeves and cuffs, elevating the charm of the abaya. 

The design of the Salwa abaya has a traditionally classic tone complemented by its modern trimmings, which translates into a magnificent ensemble that will definitely make heads turn at the next wedding you go to. A matching shayla that comes included with all the abayas will complete the look. 

Horiya Abaya 

A smart linen piece, the Horiya abaya is your go-to choice if understated and sober are qualities that would describe your style statement. Inked in the colour of midnight, the royal appearance of the navy blue abaya is enhanced with silver embellishments detailing the front borders and cuffs. 

Paired with a satin white under abaya, the Horiya abaya will lend you a regal look for the wedding occasion. But, of course, the versatility of each of our abayas allows them to be worn with other under abaya dresses from our palette. To create an appealing contrast aesthetic, we recommend going for an under abaya dress lighter in colour than your abaya. A turquoise, lemon yellow, or baby beige would all be good choices.  

Mais Abaya

The Mais abaya is a perfect combination of the values thowby believes in – contemporary classics. The all-black character of this abaya is punctuated with wonderful gold detailing in delicate embroidery, offering both a traditional as well as a fashionably present look. The abaya is everything that defines the abaya-wearer of the 21st century – a smart woman up to date with style trends and yet in touch with her modest roots. 

Made of soft nada fabric, the Mais abaya is created with care so that it never loses its rich colour and holds durability over time. It’s a perfect number for a wedding event. 

Gharam Abaya

Go for the Gharam abaya without thinking twice if you are a woman for whom contrast is the key element. This abaya adds magnificently to your wardrobe, with an attractive gold and blue designer border that tastefully goes hand-in-hand with the dark hue that colours the body of the abaya.

The soft crepe fabric hand-stitched to create the abaya has been especially chosen to ensure that our client walks into a room feeling at ease about herself and leaves people impressed with her self-assured demeanour. After all, isn’t that the mark of a modern woman? The chic style of this abaya symbolises all those qualities and more.    

Brazil Abaya

The Brazil abaya is a stately-looking piece that is just perfect for special occasions, like weddings. The deep blue shade of the abaya makes for a striking yet dignified display that gives a strong statement about the wearer’s contemporary personality. 

Made of a breathable crepe fabric that will ensure maximum comfort for you throughout the event, allowing you to enjoy without worry, the Brazil abaya flaunts classy thick border sections with hand embroidery to refine the whole look. This one is a great choice for women seeking a wedding outfit that says less is more.      

Alaska Abaya

This abaya draws magic straight from the white snows of Alaska. Signifying ultimate purity and peace, the Alaska abaya is the pinnacle of all that is pristine. Its white crepe exterior is detailed with stunning luxurious white pearls, handcrafted with precision to make you feel like a true princess with every swish of your abaya. 

The exquisite embroidery on the front borders and cuffs give the abaya a highly delicate look that is perfect for the modern woman who exudes femininity and confidence. Though the gown can be paired with any under abaya dress of your choice, going for a full-white look – with a silver or white satin abaya – will give you an unmatchable opulent look that will keep the compliments pouring in all night. 

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