The Atelier: Come visit us where the magic happens

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Posted on May 13 2022

The Atelier: Come visit us where the magic happens

Customer buying abaya from thowby


In a few short years – even as the pandemic raged on, mind you – thowby has made a mark on Dubai’s flourishing fashion scene and has been considered as one of the best online abaya shops in Dubai and the best Dubai abayas. You, our clientele, have come to know us for our exquisite abayas as much as for our top-end client service. With our fashion-forward approach towards modest clothing for contemporary times, we are dressing the modern woman.  

And we thread all this magic together at our atelier – our studio.  

Nestled in the thriving art and cultural hub of Al Quoz, the thowby atelier is a space where our vision comes alive. From the moment you step foot into the studio, you become royalty. After all, client care is our ultimate priority. That is why we accept visits to the Atelier by appointment only, this allows us as a team to give you full attention and royal treatment as you deserve.

The atelier’s hospitality meets you at the gate, intent on welcoming you into this hive of creativity, sophisticated quarters committed to making you look your best, a space that is truly for you.  

Our studio, adjacent to our production site, is adorned with quality fabrics that go into making the abayas of your dreams. The authentically old-school feel allows you a tactile experience – you feel the soft fabrics and their rich colours between your own fingers before deciding on those that suit your taste. 

You will find thowby's founder Houda Abdulrahman herself present at the B2C setting, most times than not, engaging one-on-one with clients to understand the piece they are seeking, and assisting them in their exploration of the wide variety of abaya styles we have to offer. The times that she is not present at the atelier, her team leaves no stone unturned in the hospitality that thowby is known for. 

Like we have said before and we say it again, our client-first approach to business ensures that everyone at thowby – from the abaya makers to the founder – everyone is invested in the abaya that will be the crowning jewel in your wardrobe. 

We start from scratch with you, making note of each of your preferences about the abaya you want, from measurements to style choices to button details – we attend to every unique need you ask of us. Your abaya is tailor-made for you. And so, at the atelier, our time is all yours. 

A luxury fitting room awaits you at the atelier as well, steeped in comfort and liberation that lets you try, explore and appreciate our finely handcrafted abayas on your form in real-time. Royalty we said, remember? 

In the age of fast fashion and online shopping, thowby stands out with a shopping experience like none other because thowby takes time for you and your experience, both online and offline. We have often received the title of being the best-branded abayas in Dubai, our clients tell us. With ample parking space outdoors and refreshments indoors, we ensure also that your other conveniences too are taken care of.

With hopes of creating something truly and fashionably remarkable, for you and with you, we eagerly await your visit to the thowby atelier. Book your appointment today! 


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