Visit Our Exclusive Abaya Showcase At The Blue Lounge, Mirdif 35 Mall

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Posted on May 27 2024

Visit Our Exclusive Abaya Showcase At The Blue Lounge, Mirdif 35 Mall


We are beaming with pride over at thowby as we embark on a new, exciting milestone in our journey – and of course, you are invited to be a part of it! Our abaya brand is now collaborating with The Blue Lounge at the prestigious Mirdif 35 Mall, shining through as one of several handpicked local brands showcasing their best in the vibrant heart of Mirdif. We recently kicked off this partnership with a special collection launch – and let us tell you a little about how that went. 



As many of you might already know, Mirdif 35 Mall is a popular premium lifestyle center, located in the heart of Mirdif, that brings together a variety of handpicked outlets – ranging from food and beverage to fitness, health, and beauty services – all under one roof. A one-stop destination for all your lifestyle needs, Mirdif 35 Mall was designed to offer an interesting change from everyday malls and shopping centers, and add value to the local community.  

"My attention was also captured by the name of the retail store we were invited to display our abayas at: The Blue Lounge"

When thowby first received an invite to join the community of local businesses at Mirdif 35 Mall, we didn’t have to think twice before taking this opportunity. As a brand that puts community and client comfort above everything, we already loved the concept of the space! 

My attention was also captured by the name of the retail store we were invited to display our abayas at: The Blue Lounge. My love for the color blue is widely known and, as I elaborated in this blog, is at the core of thowby and my life. Needless to say, I knew we had to immediately take up this offer. And it has been totally worth it so far. 


The Blue Lounge is more than just a concept store at Mirdif 35 Mall that has emerged as a buzzing hub of local culture. It is a beautiful example of the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Emirati women, who come together and collaborate on ideas, business, and a shared sense of sisterhood committed to uplifting each other. 

Seeing our thowby abayas on display at The Blue Lounge – a thoroughly creative and collaborative zone – has been incredibly rewarding. This partnership has not only increased our brand’s visibility but also allowed us to connect with a diverse group of women from the retail and shopping community. 

My conversations with every person I have come in contact with through this opportunity has given me deep insight about what the abaya-wearing woman is actually looking for today. It is an experience that will help me conceptualize and create abayas that truly meet the needs of our ever-growing clientele, and guide the future direction of thowby. 

The cosmopolitan culture of the UAE makes it a perfect destination for abayas to remain relevant for a wide audience — no matter where they come from, no matter what their background is, no matter the religion they follow. Modest fashion is a lifestyle, one that is only growing in popularity for women across the globe who want to feel their best selves shine through. 

Abayas are a timeless symbol of tradition, yes, but they also make a strong fashion statement. The sales we have had up to this point at The Blue Lounge are a standing testimony. 

We kicked off this collaboration with the launch of our exclusive Limited Edition abaya collection – and the response was overwhelming. We received glowing reviews from our clients, who were positively taken by the exquisite designs that star in this collection. The use of high-quality nada fabric and subtle, sophisticated colors ensures that each abaya is both comfortable and stylish, making it ideal for all kinds of occasions. 

This collaboration with The Blue Lounge at Mirdif 35 Mall has been a significant landmark for thowby and reinforced the importance of our commitment to excellence. As we continue to grow and expand, we promise to remain dedicated to creating abayas that empower women and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the UAE. 

We invite you to visit The Blue Lounge at Mirdif 35 Mall for a holistic shopping experience that covers the whole scope of women’s lifestyle wants – from abayas to jalabiyas, jewelry, perfumes, candles, and daily wear – as thowby stands shoulder to shoulder with other equally driven local brands. Stop by for a premium retail experience — which also features a cozy café where you can stop to take a break from all that shopping and indulge in some well-deserved delicious fare. Before you resume shopping again, of course! :)

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