Payment Gateways (Tabby / Cashew)

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Posted on July 07 2023

Payment Gateways (Tabby / Cashew)

Choose To Pay In Installments Now With 2 New Payment Gateways: Cashew & Tabby 


At the core of thowby is one fundamental value: trust. Right from the moment you visit us for a consultation till the time you put your abaya on completely satisfied, we stay with you every step of the way. Part of our client journey is ensuring that everyone who chooses thowby is assured of quality services. That includes the process of payment. 



 Keeping client satisfaction and safety priority, thowby gives you the option of multiple payment gateways, including Cashew and Tabby. Authorized purchases, easy budgeting, secure payments — these two top digital transaction systems guarantee a seamless customer experience every time. 

Buy now, pay later with Cashew and Tabby. It's truly as convenient and adaptable as it sounds – just like thowby abayas! 



We introduced these two gateways to our platform with the hope of making shopping at thowby more accessible to a wider audience, offering the ease of payment in installments. Safe gateways like Cashew and Tabby payment methods allow customers to split their expenditures and budget per their own convenience, instead of a lump sum at checkout. 

Maximize the pleasure of shopping for thowby abayas with the advantage of interest-free payments through Cashew and Tabby. There are millions of active users availing the financial flexibility these apps offer, splitting their payments into installments between 3 and 12 on Cashew, and 4 on Tabby. The transactions are quick, secure, and hassle-free.     

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With abayas, the pleasure is not just in wearing them but also in the process of procuring them. Every step of the way between wanting an abaya and receiving it is made of many special moments. And to make the journey enjoyable for every client, thowby guarantees a seamless customer experience each time — from a user-friendly online interface to in-person consultations, and even convenient payments. 

Cashew and Tabby are two new additions to thowby’s payment provisions, which also include Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, and Amex. Making financial planning easier when shopping at our abaya store, these two payment gateways enjoy great popularity in the Gulf, giving users access to a trustworthy way of budgeting personal expenses.   

Cashew lets its users pay in installments of 3, 6, and 12, with certain eligibility checks in place. To use the Cashew gateway, shoppers are required to have a valid Emirati identification and a debit/credit card issued by the United Arab Emirates. Tabby, meanwhile, allows for expenses to be organized into 4 interest-free payments without any hidden fees surprising the client. One need only pay up 25% of the purchase amount to kickstart things, and the remainder of payments follow gradually, at your own convenience. 

The core values of these payment gateways are quite similar to what we already follow at thowby. Inclusivity, accessibility, and customization are the trademark qualities of thowby abayas. Retaining the classic essence of traditional abayas, we try to widen the scope of what it means to be an abaya-wearing woman in the modern world. Every stitch of cloth in our premium abayas is sewn with the hope that it gives the wearer — whoever and wherever they may be in the world — a secure, confident form they can put their faith in. 

Few attires are as accessible to a large multicultural population as the humble abaya. This particular outfit doesn’t see creed, color or race when it comes to making the wearer feel absolutely confident in their wardrobe. Though abayas are often estimated in the context of religion, their symbolism goes far beyond borders and countries. 

This simple yet sophisticated garment makes itself available to suit any wearer, any shape, any mood. In addition, thowby’s collection features a range of customizable designs for different occasions that are tailor-made for maximum convenience and comfort. Much like Cashew and Tabby that allow our clients to easily navigate bills and payments! 

The beauty of the abaya is eternal — and as a proud abaya brand, thowby is forever attempting to mark the significance of this graceful garment in the modem market, making it accessible to as many people as possible. Cashew and Tabby are just two more ways of ensuring that, giving everybody (no matter their financial distribution) an equal opportunity to dress up in the thowby abayas they love!

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