Celebrating 6 Years of Elegant Excellence

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Posted on July 02 2023

thowby's first ever abaya


Showcasing thowby's first abaya


SIX YEARS of making women feel their best everyday, giving modest fashion the platform it deserves, building a business that reflects the values of a traditional trade that focuses on trust, respect, and care for the client. A business truly for the community, keeping every customer at the centre of operations. A second family to the team at thowby and every thowby abaya owner. Six years of pure hardwork, creativity, and kindness; thowby is all set for many more. 

Over the past six years, our abaya business has experienced remarkable growth. With focused attention and unwavering faith, we even successfully worked our way through the pandemic’s devastating effects on the economy, and came out stronger on the other side. 

Every time we are faced with a challenge, we go back to all the lovely feedback our clients have given us (read from 200 clients who left us 5-star reviews).

Every abaya we make at thowby is a reflection of the woman who wears it. That’s why our tagline reads: your original abaya. Our signature classics tailor-made for each client have 5 things in common: a sophisticated look, high-quality fabric, impeccable stitching, accessible prices, and most importantly, elegant designs.

To make the shopping experience seamless for everyone across the globe we use highly secure payment gateways that are easier and more familiar to them, like Cashew, Tabby, Apple Pay, and others. We also have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and Easy returns; we told you, we truly care! 

To our ever growing thowby family, I am extremely grateful for your love and support. I owe my six years of bliss to each one of you. 


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In a world where fashion trends come and go, elegant clothing is timeless and deserved by everyone. A decade ago, I picked up on this pearl of wisdom and nurtured it, with every ounce of belief in my heart and soul, into the dream that was thowby.   

As a woman for whom a simple, classic abaya is the paragon of grace – and comprises a daily wardrobe – I was committed to the idea of showing more women the wide scope of possibilities this piece of effortless clothing holds. Be it the style, design, variety, or most importantly, the feel. 

Each stitch is weaved with the essence of the one it will belong to. Your essence. Every piece is individual and special. 

Our community of clients attest to it everyday. The ambitious effort we pour into thowby — right from the consistent communication through the ordering process, to personal customizations that ensure 100% client satisfaction — become worth it when women personally reach out to us with stories of how we have touched their lives. 

Everything we do is for our clients. To lift them up. To empower them. To support them in loving themselves. The difference between a business and a successful business is continuous client satisfaction — which is something we at thowby are blessed with and so thankful for. It motivates us to push further, persevere harder, and do better.     

The thowby family grows bigger with each passing year and the more women I see wearing a design by us, I feel my vision of redefining abayas in the context of fashion becoming truer and truer. I see women expressing their personalities through our abayas, proudly embracing their heritage and personal style, breaking the perception that both are mutually exclusive.   

The kernel thought behind thowby is that abayas are a hallmark of dignified elegance, blending the best of modest tradition and convenient fashion to encourage the modern woman to go out there and win the world. And nothing brings us more joy than to see our abayas adorning hundreds of confident women who are breaking stereotypes everyday. 

Simple and practical. These are the core values that drive the making of each thowby abaya. Pick out any abaya from our wide collection; this standard will be met without fail.     

Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship have struck a chord with each of our clients who are encouraged to come down to our Atelier (where all the magic happens) and see the process for themselves. From the selection of premium fabrics to meticulous detailing in stitching and embellishments, we go the extra mile to ensure that each abaya exudes finesse, regardless of the occasion.

In all our six years, whenever we hit a snag (and, like every business, we’ve had our fair share of them) we never looked at it as failure. We considered it a challenge. The goal has always been to stay focused, be clear-minded and optimistic, believe in the vision, and positively seek an answer from within. It has worked beautifully for us. 

thowby has risen to the top of the industry in a span of six committed years with its exclusive offering of abayas that are simple yet classic, and embody the spirit of graceful womanhood. Our goal is to present the beauty of abayas on a global scale, making this timeless garment accessible to women worldwide through a simple click online. We currently have a thriving international clientele and by enhancing our e-commerce reach, we hope to expand the thowby family even further.

As thowby continues to grow, our steady dedication to making each woman feel special and individual remains at the core of everything we do. In our six years, we have witnessed the transformative power of abayas up-close. Charged with an ambition to do more and bring about a greater change in the world, I look forward to the future where thowby will redefine elegance, inclusivity, and fashion for women across the globe.

Thank you, dear client, for your strong support through six years of business. We have seen how you have loved everything we had to offer so far so we are confident that you will absolutely love all that is coming next. That’s a thowby promise! 

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