Living the Linen Life: High Comfort Abayas from thowby

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Posted on September 22 2023

Living the Linen Life: High Comfort Abayas from thowby


Comfort. Variety. Luxury. Few fashions live up to these standards as highly as abayas do. A paragon of elegance, this free-flowing garment has a character that gives new meaning to comfortable dressing. Modern ideas of women wearing clothes that makes them feel confident and reassured in their own skin have always been championed by abayas, which impart not just elegance but ease to the wearer. 

Our fresh collection of thowby linen abayas honors and appreciates that spirit. With a rich variety of colors and patterns blended into breathable fabric, we are striving to make fashion-forward comfort accessible to every woman in search of her style in a contemporary setting. This is for every woman who has an identity — or is building one. :) 

Since the day thowby started, we have been strongly committed to the belief that abayas have a scope as extensive as any other global fashions (perhaps even more). The versatility of this attire allows it to be customized and catered to a wide demographic with varying preferences in style. Hence, our linen collection of abayas — because the joy of wearing abayas and linen should never be mutually exclusive. 

There is a chic sophistication to linen that isn’t found in most other fabrics. But the fabric does more than just make the wearer look elegant. Linen is as luxurious in feel as in appearance, with standards of quality that set it apart in the apparel market. A highly breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties, linen is especially favored in places where temperatures soar and hot winds blow. To that end, the significance of linen abayas in Dubai and other places in the UAE comes through beautifully. And no is doing it like thowby!   


With our luxurious collection of linen abayas, thowby is breaking new ground in traditional modest wear that caters to the sensibilities of the modern woman. In the 21st century, the legacy of abayas has transformed from the timeworn understanding of it as a religious garment to give it a fresh status of versatile, popular clothing loved by women from all walks of life the world over. This evolved context in which modest fashion now belongs gave us the impetus to introduce a new offering of linen abayas for you. 

Like each of our collections, thowby’s luxurious linen line displays a myriad of stylish abaya designs, with embellishments, detailings, and colors to inspire awe in both the wearer and the onlooker. Along with the superior quality of fabric, clients can enjoy a wide range of fashionable customizations to the classic abaya cascade. 

Each linen abaya is a class apart. We mean it. 

Consider for instance the iridescent Mela Abaya. This classy piece in shades of cool blue and grey is tailor-made for women who enjoy sober colors that exude sophistication without being too emphatic about it. The character of the abaya is only elevated through the high-quality linen fiber used in its creation. Or if you’re looking for something more occasional? Exquisite designs like the Zeynab Abaya are the go-to; premium-quality linen pieces that are adorned with dainty embellishments along the front border and sleeves to give the classic attire a gracefully blingy twist. Karma Abaya, on the other hand, comes in self-textured linen shaded in lovely lime yellow, perfect for the days you feel the need to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. The airy, cheerful persona of the abaya is complemented aptly by the fabric beloved by the world for its breathable quality. 

In fact, breathability and durability are two hallmarks of linen that give it the elite status it enjoys among the apparel industry and customers. Not just that — this particular fabric is developed from the flax plant and undergoes an intensive production period to be ready for weaving. The high sustainability value and time-consuming effort that goes into producing linen justifies its reputation as a luxurious, exclusive fabric. Wearing abayas is a mark of sophistication, culture, and also eco-consciousness. (Cheers to eco-friendly fashion!) 

As our loyal customers will be able to testify, thowby takes its commitment to client care very seriously. Our goal as a business — aside from helping women find their special abaya — is to make the process of buying abayas online a happy, satisfying experience. 

So at thowby, we have taken the deluxe experience of online shopping for linen abayas (and all other abayas too!) up by several notches. We give you the luxurious treatment that you deserve with our offering of abaya sets. These contain the main abaya, a co-ordinated under abaya dress, and a shayla all in one place! We don’t want you stressing or running store to store searching for essentials. 

Find everything you need to complete your abaya outfit at thowby, where each product is curated with love, care, and regard for your choices. Because you deserve nothing less. You are as premium as the linen you wear, after all. :)

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