Of Grace and Identity: The Empowering Growth of Modest Fashion

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Posted on June 06 2022

Of Grace and Identity: The Empowering Growth of Modest Fashion



Modesty is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. The women who practice modesty with pride are all too familiar with the strong sense of identity it imparts, the booster shot of confidence it is, and the high sophistication it speaks of. This spectrum of qualities extends to our wardrobes too, which, when touched by modesty, take on renewed meanings of femininity and style. 

Fashion is a statement. And the statement you make with modest fashion is always a powerful one. Take the abaya for instance. A piece of women’s apparel that stands at the pinnacle of forward-facing fashion that values both tradition and inclusivity, the abaya is proof of how the choice to cover up symbolises a woman’s agency over her body and her personal style preference. 

At thowby, we believe in and empower this vision. In fact, the early beginnings of our business in 2017 coincides meaningfully with the time modest fashion was starting to increasingly make it bigger in the industry (per Forbes). Our mission comprised designing a varied catalogue of abayas for every kind of contemporary woman who is unapologetically stepping ahead in the world to not only seek her rightful place, but reclaim it. More and more women are walking that path today. 

Market estimates show that modest fashion is flourishing and how! As per the State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) 2022 report, which analyses consumer patterns across a Muslim population of 1.9 billion, modest fashion is a $295 billion industry. It is expected to further grow into a $375 billion industry by 2025.  

Modest fashion, especially abayas, are not exclusive to any single religious community anymore though. The garment’s accessible, inclusive and all-embracing qualities have blurred borders, as women from different walks of life and global cultures are finding their way to abayas – especially in the diverse climes of the Gulf. 

Studies available indicate that modesty in fashion has transcended concepts of religion to assume significance relating to preservation of dignity and decorum in the workplace. thowby, which prides itself in bringing you the best abayas in Dubai, has offerings for all occasions and settings concurrent to the demand of current market trends. From office formals to wedding couture and more, our online abaya store covers vast ground in modest fashion and delivers beyond satisfaction to an ever-growing loyal clientele.   

That modest fashion is finding visibility in the mainstream today is not just significant for industry growth, but rightful representation too. Something our clients have repeatedly expressed relief over is finding a reliable fashion house that caters to women who prefer styling up modestly; for a long time, this has been a far dream since, as TikTok influencer Maha Gondal notes, “It’s definitely hard to shop as a Muslim person.” 

Fashion, especially in the luxury sector, has more often than not dominantly come through as a construct standardised for Western tastes, appealing only to a limited population. But the movement for modest fashion is changing that, turning authentic and wholesome representation into a modern reality. It is telling women of all cultures, sizes, colours, backgrounds that they matter. Their choices are valuable and valid. They do not have to conform to white notions of style. 

There is immense power in finding your identity through tradition. And we at thowby are celebrating that. We’re celebrating you! Immerse yourself in the fulsome experience of the finest modest fashion there is. Come shop at thowby! 


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