Why An Abaya Is The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing In Your Wardrobe

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Posted on June 06 2022

Why An Abaya Is The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing In Your Wardrobe



We all have that one timeless garment in our closets that we just never tire of wearing! From casual day outings to plush dinners or formal events like weddings, this one piece of clothing fits all fashions, blending seamlessly into the mood of the occasion. An abaya checks all these boxes – women who own it, know it. 

Standing out as the most versatile item in your wardrobe, the abaya embodies grace that is all-encompassing and lasting. Its dazzle never dims, always elegantly poised to make a statement of the woman wearer’s style and confidence. At thowby, we make wearing abayas an experience, ensuring that your investment finds true value in each stitch of the cloth. 

Our business was founded on a vision to streamline modesty and fashion for the modern woman, encouraging her to walk forward into the future with her head held high and her abaya confidently dignifying her frame. Towards that goal of empowerment we move everyday – designing the best branded abayas in Dubai for contemporary women like yourself. 

The very character of an abaya is meant to symbolise the beauty of inclusivity, without compromising on tradition. Reflective of the Gulf’s vibrant culture through which runs a thread of diversity and pluralism, our abayas capture the essence of being truly global. They would sit as comfortably on a Western woman’s form as they would on an Emirati woman, adapting easily to their personal styles and dressing tastes – an abaya does not discriminate on the basis of colour, country or culture. Another great thing about abayas is they can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe – a gown, a pantsuit, a skirt, denims… the list is endless. Plus, with the resplendent variety our collection offers – the flared abaya, butterfly abaya, ruffles abaya, to name a few – you can be assured of staying in vogue with the latest industry trends!   

Influencers today are really pushing the pedal on fashion experiments with modest attire. Popular digital content creator Nawal Sari, who creates elegant fusions of runway and modest fashion, puts it best when she says, “I find that if I have pieces that I feel modest in, I can rotate the pieces with new looks. I don't compromise my modesty for incoming trends and try my best to stay true to what makes me comfortable and confident.” 

Sure enough, we at thowby are of the belief that it is time to shatter archaic notions of women’s liberation by policing what they choose to wear. A woman in an abaya can be as independent as the next woman. In fact, the very point of her emancipation may be coming from her modest attire that gives her a true identity of womanhood, through an expression that drips pure class and elegance. 

Once you begin draping yourself in the glory of the abaya, it is impossible to go back. Its versatility transcends time to break barriers and build identities. It becomes your personality, your fastest companion – the one you cannot ever do without. Taste empowerment today; shop at thowby

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