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Posted on May 17 2022

thowby - Our Classics Color Palette



Color is central to fashion. Enriching the senses, influencing moods, enhancing our emotions, defining personality - there is a significant amount of meaning behind the colors you wear. Fashion studies emphasize on color being a chief factor in drawing a person to an attire. 

You may pick out a warm yellow from your wardrobe on a day you feel especially happy. Or a rich purple for an occasion you want to look grand for. The spirit of a garment lies in its color. That is what attracts your spirit. 

It can give a real kick to your style, if your wardrobe has the colors that reflect your personality. At thowby, we believe deeply in creating this value. 

Our timeless classic abaya catalogue exhibits a color palette that caters to all tastes. A comprehensive collection of solid hues that our clientele absolutely loves, the classics section is founded on the core essence of inclusivity. 

The abaya is no more an attire enjoyed by women of any single community. The abaya’s graceful flow takes everyone in its embrace, regardless of religion, culture, nationality, or background. 

Mirroring that generous tenor of the abaya, thowby’s classics section celebrates the diversity of choice. From pastels to color blocks, we have it all, because you deserve it all. 

Seasonal Spirits 

Our classic abaya palette draws inspiration from the colours of all seasons. Nature offers beauty in abundance, breathing life into creativity. Taking from the elemental characteristics of the world around us, we have infused organic flavour into our collection that will make you feel one with yourself as well as your environment.  

You will find the baby blue of a clear sky, lemon yellow of a summer day, burnt orange of autumn, greens and browns of the earth - all in one place. A fiesta of many bewitching seasons.

The fabric of the abaya you choose can also determine, quite literally, the seasonal quality. A thick crepe abaya is perfect for a formal occasion or if the temperature drops. A softer crepe will have you floating on air on sunnier days. 

What’s The Occasion?

thowby has you covered for all occasions. A lavish wedding will call for a full-bodied, richly dyed abaya in shades of maroon or royal blues and purples that you can pick out from our classics collection. 

For day lunches, pastels can be your steady companions. Nothing says sophistication like an elegant pastel pink, lavender, mauve or teal abaya that sits smartly and comfortably on you. Casual wear can be pinned down to the bold primary colors, while work outings will call for more muted, earthy tones of greys and olives. 

Suit Your Style 

Fashion boils down to one question: what is your style? What catches your eye in a store and what you are draped in, everything draws from how you define your clothing personality. Some women prefer modesty that is paired with sobriety, while others may have more flamboyant choices. 

Our classic abaya collection is not just a melting pot of colors but instead, colors powered by style. 

For instance, you will find a variety in sleeve styles. From butterfly sleeves that have flourish to closed sleeves that have a calmer look, there is style that speaks for all. Where some abayas flaunt satin borders, some have a delicate lace design to line the abaya. 

Attention to detail is a standout quality for us. And so, there is a range of choice in everything we offer, right down to button placement. A few classic abayas have a convenient snap button design at the neck and collar for a western touch, while others have a flowy cut with open fronts resembling an overcoat design. Complete the look with our under abaya dresses. 

Your Abaya Means Something 

Finally, there is thorough truth in the fact that every abaya differs in personality and meaning. In fashion, each color embodies a passion that is consistent with human emotion. 

A pink, for example, will denote compassion and good cheer. Blue is an expression of elegance and confidence. Red, of course, drives intense feelings of love and boldness. Shades of green carry a soothing appearance. 

The question is: what are you feeling today? And we will have an abaya tailored perfectly in sync with you.  

 The Design Medley

The design aspect of an attire makes it modern with its relevance to the fashion statements of the era and relevance to the wearer. At thowby, every abaya speaks of a design elegance of its own with the wide variety of designs it offers across collections. The flow of the fabric has poetry in the way it sways, the flare makes the wearer look classy and adds a rhythm to their steps. 

Design-wise, thowby has all the good things you can ask for. For the lovers of french cut abayas, thowby masters the cut to its perfection. If you are a big fan of dramatic sleeves, thowby has butterfly abaya, wide hand sleeves, bisht abaya, ruffle abaya, and many more of the like. 

It is a promise that you will not be disappointed with the design options we have at thowby; our reviews speak amply for us. 

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