thowby Celebrates The 50th UAE National Day In Style

thowby ثـوبـي

Posted on November 30 2021

thowby Celebrates The 50th UAE National Day In Style



December 2nd, dawn to a faithful promise, a testament to impeccable growth, and a hope for brave dreams. 50 precious years ago, a decision of union was made in the desert, standing in the middle of sinking sand, a firm handshake brought the impossible to bend its knees. The coming together of the seven Emirates has only seen love, success, and opportunities both for the country and for every individual who called it a second home. His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, called the year 2021 the ‘Year of the 50th’; a Golden Jubilee that celebrates the journey of 50 golden years and the hope for more to come. It’s a celebration of the journey, the people, and unity; Expo 2020 is a cherry on the cake.


Every individual and business in the UAE has been gearing up to express their gratitude and celebrate the 50th National Day in their own way. The festivities call for glam and a four-day promise of fun. What can get better than dressing up for the 50th National day in a dreamy abaya designed to represent the flag colour ever so neatly! thowby ثـوبـي is a signature ABAYA Boutique based in Dubai, UAE committed to designing high-quality abayas for women who wish to dress modestly with distinct class. Every abaya made at thowby, speaks a language of elegance. Unmatchable fabric quality is a common thread across all thowby abayas. Every customer is a lifetime loyal because thowby spins the wheels of perfection. 


The 50th National Day Abaya is iconic and meaningfully put together. This meticulous work of art tells a story of significance; lore in weave paying tribute ever so modestly. Emarateia Abaya, the special 50th National Day abaya is made in crepe material whose subtle folds represent the vast stretch of desert land and a journey of a country that had just these deserts to work with all these 50 long years. The colour white sits right in the centre of a classic symphony between a blank canvas of endless possibilities and peaceful coexistence. The flag colours on the borders vertically and around the rims of the sleeves make a mark without overdoing anything, summoning an assemblage for a perfect celebration. 


What do you think of the Emarateia Abaya? Fashion sense is a gift and thowby is a truly gifted brand. The UAE 50th National Day calls for entertainment galore and thowby’s Emarateia Abaya shakes hands with this opportunity with a perfect answer.

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