For The Love Of Blue: A New Abaya Collection Just For You

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Posted on September 30 2023

For The Love Of Blue: A New Abaya Collection Just For You

 Founder of thowby, Houda Abdulrahman

There’s beauty in every color but, as overdone as the favorite color question is, there is always one we prefer more than others. It’s usually the color we have the most of in our wardrobes. For me, it has always been blue. And in my six years of running an abaya business, I have found that I share my love for blue with hordes of women. Given the popularity of our blue abayas, there was only one thing left to do… and we did it. Introducing, thowby’s newest abaya collection: FOR THE LOVE OF BLUE. 

"The significance of blue in our lives cannot be overstated. It is the color of the skies, the seas, the universe. It is everything that holds us together, breathes life into us, keeps us connected to this earth we share. Our blue abaya collection is dedicated to that vast universal understanding — but also to all the women who enjoy adorning themselves in this beautiful, infinite color"

Interpretations of blue in the field of color psychology relate it extensively to feelings of peace, calm, tranquility. In the context of fashion, people who wear blue are instinctively associated with values of dependability and trust, according to some theories. 

Profound meanings aside, blue is anyway a timeless color to have in the wardrobe. Given the vast palette of this hue, it is highly versatile and one can always find a shade that flatters them. There is a blue out there for everyone. Consistent with this belief, our collection of blue abayas comprises a wonderful mix of many shades of blue, each with a different personality to complement your own.   


It’s rare to find people who don’t enjoy at least one shade of blue. Then there are others who love all blues with a deep passion. For me, the significance of blue goes far beyond just the soothing quality of the collor. Settle in for a little story. 

When I was going through pregnancy, I had an unexplained desire for all things blue. I had always liked the color but this was a feeling more intense. And I gave into it, heart and soul. Everything in my house was changed to blue – from the furniture in the living room to bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen. Even my car was blue! 

Soon enough, I welcomed a son. Incidentally, blue is a color our society associates most with baby boys – intuitive signs of which I had felt strongly during my pregnancy “craving” for blue. I came to associate the color with my son, who means the world to me. His coming was a milestone moment in my life, painted blue. 

My romance with the color is well-known in my social circles. It comes to me in many forms — from gifts on festive occasions to tokens during board games. So, of course, when I started thowby, blue had to be integrated into the business in a significant way. Over the years, I have had enough reason to believe that so many women across the world share my love of blue with passion. 

Blue abayas have consistently remained some of the bestselling pieces among our clientele at thowby. Understandably enough. Blue is a color that glows with soothing energy that attracts people whose personalities share the same qualities that the hue is known for. Calmness, independence, wisdom, and confidence. Abayas, anyway, have the special quality of complementing the wearer’s personality, even elevating their sophistication and confidence to levels of personal best. The joint power of blue colors and abayas is truly something ethereal — a magic all women deserve!  

As with all our abaya collections, the blue batch is an assortment of stylish abaya designs, contemporary trends, comfortable fabrics — all tied together with the common essence of tradition. An office-going woman may prefer the Mela Abaya as work attire, finding confidence in its sophisticated linen fabric and simple light blue design. For another wearer with a preference for darker colors, the elegant Ranika Abaya would be a solid choice. Women looking for a formal designer piece can go for the Sally Abaya that has a light and breezy feel yet the professional classiness. If you’re someone who prefers bolder statement pieces or want to experiment with fashion that doesn’t toe your comfort zone too much, the tie-dye Seran Abaya is a great place to start. 

Regardless of whichever abaya from the blue collection one chooses, they can be assured of modesty, sophistication, and elegance inspired by the cultural roots we honor. thowby has always existed in the magical center of values where tradition and modernity mingle with mutual respect. Celebrating old and new ways of life shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. To that end, thowby is committed to making a cultural effort to seamlessly fit the abaya traditions handed down by our ancestors into forward fashion.

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