The thowby tribute to the 52nd UAE Union Day

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Posted on December 04 2023

The thowby tribute to the 52nd UAE Union Day


Year after year the UAE marches forward with a vision of growth and empowerment. Joining hands with people, cultures, and traditions, this 52nd year celebrates the spirit of Unity. We take this beautiful occasion as a perfect opportunity to celebrate and remember our late President and Founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan whose vision transformed this nation completely. Weaving stories of success through threads of unified effort and sustainable actions, a tapestry of strength and grace encapsulates the width and breadth of this beautiful nation. It gives me immense joy to align with my nation’s vision and celebrate its glorious legacy. Every Abaya I design celebrates the true essence of the heritage of the Emirati culture in its authenticity. This year, I wanted the glory to shine forth and hence I bejewelled the Abayas with Austrian crystals. 




In this special edition launch, two classic abayas, the Emarateia Abaya and Al Emarat Abaya are designed to give the wearer sophistication with a touch of significance. These Abayas are not just to be worn for the National Day but also for special occasions as a statement of pride. The simplicity and elegance of the abaya brings out grace just like the culture of the Emirates. I am extremely excited to share my design tribute with you all. 


Being an Emirati woman I look forward to this day. I love to take my time to think and plan for a new edition celebrating this day. This is my opportunity to appreciate my country for everything it has achieved and everything it has done to enable us to enjoy privileges to the fullest. Designing a special edition every year is my way of appreciating my country. Each year I take the concept of the flag and integrate it into my designs so that every woman who wears it can celebrate her love and appreciation for the country. 

My design process involves deep thinking so that it can impart a significance and deep connection to the roots, heritage, and legacy of the nation. I make sure however to keep the design simple so that it is elegant. This year I thought of a concept that I have never attempted on thowby. I personally love this style and design, it is very unique, classic and beautiful. The Austrian crystals in the flag colours on the front borders just about the length of the front side and a flag resemblance on the front side of the cuffs. I have introduced only two colours in this range, the white and black abaya with the Austrian crystals in the flag colours. The white and black were specifically chosen to complement the colours of the flag. 

If you think about it, there is unity in the concept just as the theme of this year. Right from the white and black being in unison with the flag and the crystals on the front showing the pride we carry in our hearts for this nation and the miniature flag colours on the cuff showing resilience and hardwork of the brave hands that shaped the future of this nation starting from our late president Sheikh Zayed to our president Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed. I am proud to present to you a piece of my heart paying its due tribute to this wonderful nation, now available for you to own and wear with pride. 

At thowby, we take our promises very seriously. Just as we say, ‘your original abaya’ is crafted with love and deep thought to make it unique and special.

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