We got featured in the Gulf News!

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Posted on May 07 2022

We got featured in the Gulf News!



When we started thowby in 2017, the vision that drove us was that of revolutionizing fashion, by bringing the abaya into the global spotlight. A versatile piece of clothing that defines grace across borders, languages and cultures, the abaya deserved recognition as the pinnacle of contemporary modest fashion. 

 Riding on determination towards that goal, our business persevered and despite the hardships of the pandemic, we found our footing. We can proudly say that thowby is flourishing today, every day a step closer to reinventing style for you. YOU, our loyal client is who makes us who we are.  

It would then delight you to know that we recently got featured in the prestigious Gulf News! To talk background and business, the founder of thowby,  Houda Abdulrahman sat with the paper for an interview, touching upon everything from funding to challenges.

 Operating on experience gained over 15 years of work in management roles, Abdulrahman took the leap into entrepreneurship with the idea of an online retail boutique. The road wasn’t always smooth initially. We met challenges at every level, from zeroing in on the right markets to computing investments for business. 

“During the early stages especially, I had to be closely involved with every step of the process. This is something I still make sure to do,” Abdulrahman told Gulf News. “I personally looked after my existing clientele, building on the loyalty that runs mutually.” 

Since Abdulrahman had conviction in her idea of taking the abaya far and wide as a symbol of graceful, tasteful fashion, the gateway towards that dream was unlocked. It was only a matter of time after that before we, slowly but surely, made our place in the market. 

We did this on a shared relationship of trust with our stakeholders, which includes every single person linked to thowby. For instance when industries worldwide took a hit during the pandemic, leading to large-scale job losses and unemployment, we retained everyone working at thowby. We make a promise of being there for you, even when the going gets tough. 

Every business runs on a mission. At thowby, ours is to foster empowerment through progressive styling that gives women everywhere the agency to dress with modesty and finesse. Our collections are conceptualised, keeping in mind the unique personality of each customer, with an aim to boost the confidence that we all have inside of us.  

As we walk into 2022 with our heads held high, with exciting new projects up our sleeve and an intent to foray into more markets globally, we take a pledge to continue our commitment to you, dear reader, and make you proud.   



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