Under Abaya Dress: A Graceful Wardrobe Essential 

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Posted on January 03 2022

Under Abaya Dress: A Graceful Wardrobe Essential 



The under abaya dress is the perfect pair for your abaya, which personifies beauty and dignity. With women across the world, from different cultures and walks of life, leaning towards the modest abaya as a convenient clothing choice, the under abaya dress becomes an essential wardrobe item. 


From your basic daily dressing to shining for special occasions, thowby caters to all your abaya and under abaya dress needs. The modest gown wonderfully blends tradition and fashion to bring out the personality of the woman wearing it. You.

Under Abaya dress by thowby

Featured Dresses: Peach Shiny, Dark Green Shiny, Camel


An abaya is an elegant piece of clothing which is liked by women across the globe. This is why more and more women today are reaching out for the abaya ensemble because it is comfortable to wear. At thowby, we complete the abaya look for you with an under abaya dress that covers you with modesty to your liking. Each abaya and dresses are designed as signature pieces so our clients enjoy the elite attire.


Convenient Comfort 

Our under abaya dresses are tailor-made to your everyday convenience, making your composite experience with the modern outfit the very best you can have. The slip dress is made of light to thick breathable, soft crepe material that will offer you comfort that lasts all day long. 


All-Round Style 

Available in solid colours, thowby’s under abaya dress collection offers you an entire palette of shades to take your pick from. Options range from pastel shades to shiny bright hues to rich colours, leaving you with a plethora of choices to decide which dress fits your mood that day. 


Daily Confidence   

thowby’s loose-fitting designs of the under abaya dress will perfectly complement the fall and flow of your abaya, giving your stance a natural boost of confidence. The thowby abaya is a fashion statement that brings out your expression of modern freedom. Own it because you deserve it!  

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