thowby Bridal Couture: Look Your Best On Your Big Day

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Posted on May 13 2022

thowby Bridal Couture: Look Your Best On Your Big Day



A bride would want everything to be just perfect on her wedding day – the decor, the rituals, the culinary spread, the celebrations. All of these working in tandem with each other contribute towards making your big day truly big. The cherry on top of all these memories that will be created is the bridal couture. 

What a bride wears at her wedding is deeply significant, since it occupies much of the centre stage at the event. Picking an outfit that seamlessly balances tradition and style is a goal all brides strive to achieve.

At thowby, we specialise in conjuring up abayas that are carefully designed to match the individual taste of each client. You put your trust in us and we never disappoint. Our exquisite offering for bridal wear abayas are founded on values that prioritise contemporary styling blended with modest grace – a combination that aptly defines the modern woman of today. thowby bridal abayas are best abayas in Dubai. 

Here, we pick out our top choices for bridal abayas so you can look like a dream on your wedding day:  

Aseel Abaya

The Aseel abaya will have you looking resplendent on your D-day. Handcrafted with exquisite linen fabric that is tested for maximum durability and grace, this white couture exudes an angelic aura that will ensure the spotlight remains on you throughout your ceremony. 

The personality of the abaya is further enhanced with precious embellishments of silver and crystal designed stylishly on the elbow. This abaya manages to express a lot in its unique understated way, making it a must-have for brides wanting to go for a simple yet statement look. 

Narjes abaya

A distinctive thowby piece, the Narjes abaya offers dual-toned delight for the bride whose style is inspired by contrasts. The lightweight crepe fabric, picked for comfort that will last you all day long through rituals and celebrations, plays on an appealing white and pink medley. 

The bichrome abaya flaunts a white inner fall with a traditional abaya jacket design draped over it in dusty pink. The bell sleeves lined with white piping further add to the elegance of the attire, trailing every movement you make with a feminine flourish. The shayla, as with all our abayas, comes included with the purchase. 

Duja Abaya

Every stitch of the fancy Duja abaya has been sewn with the intent to make your wedding day truly memorable. This abaya makes a fashionable statement perfect and, with its festive feel, is perfect for a grand occasion. The soft off-white crepe is complemented by gold trimmings for this standout abaya in our catalogue. 

The sober and elegant disposition of the high-quality white is enhanced manifold with gold pleated chiffon that make up the special sleeves of this abaya, making for a delicate ladylike display. Gold details also adorn the front borders of the abaya, adding a polish to the incomparable charm of the abaya.   

Raheel Abaya

The Raheel abaya will give you the glitter and glamour your big day deserves to be bedecked with. Handcrafted from light crepe fabric designed to dress you in effortless grace, this abaya’s dark pink shade is brought out beautifully by stylish embeds carefully stitched in an aesthetic pattern all over. 

Practical and contemporary, the feel of the abaya is guaranteed to bring out confidence in the bride as she embarks on the new journey that awaits her. This is a great fit for that woman wanting to mark her wedding day at a confluence of tradition and modernity expressed through her wardrobe. 

Dora Abaya

Coloured in heavenly white, the Dora abaya makes a regal statement that will assuredly leave an indelible impression on everyone who beholds the bride adorned by it. It sits comfortably on the wearer’s form and flows down gracefully, embodying the pinnacle of feminine grace and energy. 

Its soft crepe fabric is off-white in shade, its edges lined with a stylish coordinated border that is tastefully decorated with crystals to lend a delicate dazzle to the appearance. Given that attention to detail is our priority at thowby, this abaya’s look is completed with a tie-up feature down the middle of the cloak for both convenience and contemporary style.


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