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Posted on February 06 2022

Join our affiliate partnership program



Would you like to join a community that celebrates elegant fashion and empowers you at the same time? thowby is the place for you. We welcome you with extended arms into our affiliate partnership program!

thowby is redefining diversity, one graceful abaya at a time. A brand of modern dressing touched by modesty that values inclusivity above all. We are for everyone.

 In the spirit of striding together in style, we believe every wardrobe deserves to have some thowby charm. And we would like you to join us in spreading the word.

 When you become an affiliate with thowby, we enter a mutually beneficial relationship. You tell people about us and we compensate you for every positive purchase. Earn from the comfort of your home with a few simple clicks.


Here are the steps to become an affiliate with thowby: 

  1. Login to UpPromote with this link and register yourself as a thowby affiliate.
  2. After registering, thowby will review your application. The next step will require you to sit in a meeting with the PR head and the founder of thowby. The approval from this stage will allow you to sign up. 
  3. Signing up will give you direct access to a dashboard where you can fill in details about yourself and your preferred mode of payment. 
  4. You will get a unique code to promote a thowby product. 
  5.   Add the UpPromote link to your social media channel, tell your followers all about us and you are set! 
  6. For each sale from your link, thowby will compensate you.
  7. There is no limit on the number of thowby products you want to promote. More the products, more the sales, more your compensation! 

Since we believe in the power of community, affiliates get an induction session that will help them work around the affiliate partnership efficiently once they become a part of the thowby family. 

 So don't worry if you're doing this for the first time. We are here to help you at every step. If you find yourself stuck, our technical support team will promptly assist you.

 Just as inclusive as our abayas, our program is open for everyone across ages, genders, nationalities, cultures and social media influence. If you have the potential to sell, you are eligible.

 Come aboard and join us today!

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