Fashion For All: thowby Is Leading Inclusivity For Plus-Size Bodies

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Posted on June 06 2022

Fashion For All: thowby Is Leading Inclusivity For Plus-Size Bodies



Style is not a one size fits all scheme. In a world of beautifully diverse bodies, how can it ever be? The fashion industry is constantly evolving today to integrate into its fold different kinds of representation, plus-size bodies being one of them. 

For years on end, standardised fashion told us that only some kinds of waist sizes are acceptable. On international runways, in style lookbooks, on billboards, in designer campaigns – can we truly say we have seen diversity in size? Beauty was understood to be a trait that only slimmer bodies were acknowledged for, while bodies on the bigger end of the spectrum were ignored. 

But the 21st century market cannot conveniently carry on that same prejudiced conversation, where notions of fashion are so limited that they exclude entire communities of women altogether. Inclusivity is our responsibility. And at thowby, we are thoroughly committed to it. 

Our business was founded on the tenet of equality. Equality that cuts across mainstream divisions of religion, culture, ethnicity, colour and size. Every abaya crafted at thowby is part of a conscious belief to make modest fashion accessible to all women. Tailor-made to your preferred size, our abaya collection prioritises – and prizes – individuality. We value the real you. 

The beauty of modest fashion is that, even at its very core, it is innately inclusive. The graceful flow of an abaya does not discriminate between body shapes. It enhances each form as tastefully as the next one, imbuing the wearer with a strong sense of identity and femininity that is timeless. 

Our A-class customer care stands tall on the idea that wearing an abaya is an experience, and we strive every day to make this experience the best for you. We pride ourselves in tailoring for all sizes. It is what keeps our esteemed clientele returning to thowby. For women who shop at thowby, a standout feature is the bespoke customisation services we offer. 

What clients particularly admire is that at thowby, they get unparalleled attention to quality and personal style – something that many labels still shirk away from, when it comes to dressing bigger bodies. Women who wear plus-size still complain of having to buy off-the-shelf sizes that are, at the outset, not respectful of this customer base. 

From start to finish, we invest ourselves in you. The moment you visit thowby’s online abaya store in Nakheel Mall or our atelier in Al Quoz, ensuring your satisfaction becomes our top duty. To create the perfect piece for you, our founder Houda Abdulrahman personally gets in touch to get an understanding of the vision you see for your abaya. Your individual measurements are carefully taken and are customised per your satisfaction. Even after your order has been delivered, we maintain contact to guarantee it fits your fancy. Rest assured, we will not let you go until you are 100% happy with your purchase!

We are pushing for a fashion movement that includes you and all the beautiful women you know. Join the thowby family today! 


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